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Chengdu Yuge Holiday Apartment Chengdu
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Recommended Chengdu Hotels - China

These are recommended hotels in Chengdu, based on agoda.com reviews.
Comprehesive listing of Hotels in Chengdu
Chengdu Hotels By Area
Chengdu Hotel Map
Accommodation LocationMap Rates
Chengdu Mix Hostel Backpackers recommended
No.23 Renjia Wan, Xinghui West Road Sichuan, 610084
Jinniu District
Chengdu Mix Hostel Backpackers Map
14 $
Mr. Panda International Youth Hotel recommended
No.107 Zhengfu Street Sichuan
Tianfu Square
Mr. Panda International Youth Hotel Map
16 $
8mm Film Space Hotel recommended
No.59 Shiye Street, Lijinhuayuan, Building 8, Room 11B Sichuan, 610071
Jinniu District
8mm Film Space Hotel Map
22 $
Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel recommended
No.98 Dongsheng Street, Forth Section Hongxing Road Sichuan, 610000
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel Map
23 $
Anyi 158 Hotel Chengdu Xinhong recommended
No.230 Xinhong Road Sichuan, 610021
Chenghua District
Anyi 158 Hotel Chengdu Xinhong Map
24 $
Chengdu Lazybones Hostel recommended
No.16 Yangshi Road Sichuan, 610014
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Lazybones Hostel Map
26 $
Chengdu Nova Traveller Lodge recommended
No.10 of Taisheng Bei Road Sichuan, 610017
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Nova Traveller Lodge Map
26 $
Chengdu Ai Jia Apartment recommended
No.2 Hong Xing Road Sichuan, 610021
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Ai Jia Apartment Map
30 $
Chengdu Haotian Guotai Hotel recommended
98, Shangdu Road Sichuan, 610200
Shuangliu District
Chengdu Haotian Guotai Hotel Map
38 $
Ibis Chengdu Chunxi Hotel recommended
No 20 Hongxing Road 2 Duan Sichuan, 610021
Tianfu Square
Ibis Chengdu Chunxi Hotel Map
38 $
Jinyu Sunshine Hotel recommended
No.88, Shuanglin Road Sichuan Province
Chenghua District
Jinyu Sunshine Hotel Map
46 $
Chengdu Huanhua Jincheng Hotel recommended
No.28 Baihuaxi Road Sichuan
Qingyang District
Chengdu Huanhua Jincheng Hotel Map
48 $
Chengdu Jia Yue Apartment recommended
Lixiang Plaza, No.18 Lihua Street No.A Building, 5 Floor, 503, Sichuan, 610000
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Jia Yue Apartment Map
54 $
Chengdu Eastar Hotel recommended
No.1 Dongsan Road ErxianQiao Sichuan, 610059
Chenghua District
Chengdu Eastar Hotel Map
55 $
Tai Rui Hotel recommended
No.2 Shuyue Road Sichuan
Jinniu District
Tai Rui Hotel Map
55 $
Chengdu Grand Club Hotel recommended
No.1, 3rd Section, Middle Renmin Road, Qingyang District. Sichuan
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Grand Club Hotel Map
62 $
Chengdu Jade Gallery Boutique Hotel recommended
No.60, Guixi West Street, High-tech Zone Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu South Railway
Chengdu Jade Gallery Boutique Hotel Map
74 $
Chengdu Yuge Holiday Apartment recommended
No. 1-804 Langyu Mansion, No 3. Dacisi Road. Sichuan, 610021
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Yuge Holiday Apartment Map
75 $
Chengdu Complex International Hotel recommended
No.98 Shengheyi Road Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu South Railway
Chengdu Complex International Hotel Map
75 $
Chengdu Run Shi Guang Apartment recommended
Room 1221, No.A Building Chengshilixiang, No.12 Lihua Street Sichuan
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Run Shi Guang Apartment Map
75 $
Chengdu 18 Du Apartment Hotel recommended
Hongxing Guoji 6-1003, Qingyun South Street, the second part of Hongxing Road Sichuan, 610000
Tianfu Square
Chengdu 18 Du Apartment Hotel Map
79 $
M Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.388 North Yizhou Avenue, Gaoxin District Sichuan, 610041
Chengdu South Railway
M Hotel Chengdu Map
79 $
Wangjiang Hotel recommended
No.42 Shahepu Jinjiang District, 610066
Jinjiang District
Wangjiang Hotel Map
80 $
Buddhazen Hotel recommended
B6 6 Wenshufang Street Sichuan, 610017
Tianfu Square
Buddhazen Hotel Map
80 $
Chengdu Rainbird International Hotel recommended
No.249 Shuhan Road 610000
Jinniu District
Chengdu Rainbird International Hotel Map
80 $
Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel recommended
No.168 Xi Yulong Street Sichuan, 610000
Tianfu Square
Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel Map
80 $
Chengdu Tibet Hotel recommended
10 North Renmin Road 610081
Jinniu District
Chengdu Tibet Hotel Map
80 $
Chengdu Hanyun Hotel recommended
No.12 South tianyi lane the north profit avenue. High-tech zone Sichuan, 610000
New International Conference & Exhibition Center
Chengdu Hanyun Hotel Map
87 $
Sichuan Tennis International Hotel Main Building recommended
No.66, Jinhe Road, Shuangliu District Sichuan Province
Shuangliu District
Sichuan Tennis International Hotel Main Building Map
95 $
Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel recommended
Hailrun Complex, No 216 Lower Dong Da Jie, Jinjiang District Sichuan, 610021
Tianfu Square
Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel Map
95 $
Chengdu Minyoun Central Hotel recommended
No.59 East Renmin Road Sichuan
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Minyoun Central Hotel Map
98 $
Chengdu Noah's Ark Hotel recommended
No.30 Chuangye Road Sichuan
Chengdu City Center
Chengdu Noah's Ark Hotel Map
101 $
Haiyatt Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.12 Hongxing 3rd Road Pedestrian Street, Jinjiang District 610016
Tianfu Square
Haiyatt Hotel Chengdu Map
109 $
Min. Suniya Hotel recommended
No.1Linjiang West Road Sichuan Province, 610041
Tianfu Square
Min. Suniya Hotel Map
111 $
Chengdu Platinum Hotel recommended
No.12 4th Section of Renmin South Road Sichuan, 610000
Wuhou District
Chengdu Platinum Hotel Map
113 $
Chengdu Master Hotel recommended
No. 48, Section 4, South Renmin Rd 610041
Chengdu South Railway
Chengdu Master Hotel Map
114 $
Oakwood Residence Funder Chengdu recommended
No.7 Xin Xiwang Road, Wu Hou District Sichuan Province, Sichuan
Chengdu South Railway
Oakwood Residence Funder Chengdu Map
122 $
Minyoun Royal Hotel Dongda Street recommended
No.35 Zidonglou Dongdajie sichuan, 610000
Jinjiang District
Minyoun Royal Hotel Dongda Street Map
129 $
Chengdu Ren He Spring Hotel recommended
No.19, Second ring road west binary Sichuan, 610072
Qingyang District
Chengdu Ren He Spring Hotel Map
130 $
Somerset Riverview Chengdu recommended
No.1 Renmin South Road, Section 3 610041
Tianfu Square
Somerset Riverview Chengdu Map
133 $
Celebrity City Hotel recommended
NO.122-124, Section1, Renmin South Road Sichuan Province
Tianfu Square
Celebrity City Hotel Map
137 $
Millennium Hotel recommended
No.41?South Shenxianshu Road 610041
Chengdu South Railway
Millennium Hotel Map
143 $
Chengdu Fraser Suites recommended
No.111, Zhihui Street, Jinjiang District 610016
Tianfu Square
Chengdu Fraser Suites Map
147 $
Kempinski Hotel Chengdu recommended
42 Ren Min Nan Road 4th Section
Chengdu South Railway
Kempinski Hotel Chengdu Map
178 $
Shangri La Hotel recommended
9 Binjiang Dong Road 610021
Jinjiang District
Shangri La Hotel Map
189 $
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