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Recommended Chengdu Hotels

Chengdu Flowerhouse Hostel recommended
No. 1, Jianshe Road Sichuan, 610051
Chengdu Flowerhouse Hostel Map
7 $
Chengdu Jiuwo Hostel recommended
Broad and Narrow Alley Sichuan, 610015
Chengdu Jiuwo Hostel Map
7 $
Chengdu Steam Hostel recommended
No.30, Wuhouci Street Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu Steam Hostel Map
8 $
Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel recommended
No.98 Dongsheng Street, Forth Section Hongxing Road Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel Map
10 $
Chengdu Lazybones Hostel recommended
No.16 Yangshi Road Sichuan, 610014
Chengdu Lazybones Hostel Map
11 $
8mm Film Space Hotel recommended
No.59 Shiye Street, Lijinhuayuan, Building 8, Room 11B Sichuan, 610071
8mm Film Space Hotel Map
22 $
Ibis Chengdu Yongfeng Hotel recommended
No 1, Section 4, Southern Second Ring Road Sichuan, 610041
Ibis Chengdu Yongfeng Hotel Map
28 $
Aishang Chengdu Hotel Xinian Branch recommended
No.216, Xiadong Road Sichuan, 610021
Aishang Chengdu Hotel Xinian Branch Map
32 $
Chengdu Comma Hotel Apartment Xi Nian recommended
Room 1817, Block B, Xi'nian Plaza, 216 Xiadong Street (Xiadong Dajie) Sichuan
Chengdu Comma Hotel Apartment Xi Nian Map
34 $
Chengdu Gelisi Boutique Apartment recommended
No.139 Wen Weng Road Sichuan, 610014
Chengdu Gelisi Boutique Apartment Map
37 $
Chengdu Romance Vacation Aparthotel recommended
No. 59, Jinhe Road Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu Romance Vacation Aparthotel Map
44 $
Jinyu Sunshine Hotel recommended
No.88, Shuanglin Road Sichuan Province
Jinyu Sunshine Hotel Map
47 $
Leeden Hotel Chengdu recommended
39, Hongxing Road 1st section Sichuan
Leeden Hotel Chengdu Map
54 $
Chengdu Eastar Hotel recommended
No.1 Dongsan Road ErxianQiao Sichuan, 610059
Chengdu Eastar Hotel Map
55 $
Tai Rui Hotel recommended
No.2 Shuyue Road Sichuan
Tai Rui Hotel Map
55 $
Chengdu Eden Hotel recommended
3/1502, Building 1, Wanda Square, 2nd Section, Renmin North Road Sichuan, 610100
Chengdu Eden Hotel Map
65 $
Chengdu Yi Jin Hotel recommended
No.48 Shuinianhe Road Sichuan, 610066
Chengdu Yi Jin Hotel Map
65 $
Chengdu Tibet Hotel recommended
10 North Renmin Road 610081
Chengdu Tibet Hotel Map
65 $
M Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.388 North Yizhou Avenue, Gaoxin District Sichuan, 610041
M Hotel Chengdu Map
72 $
Felton Gloria Grand Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.111, Wenhua Road, Wenjiang District Sichuan, 611130
Felton Gloria Grand Hotel Chengdu Map
73 $
Chengdu Yuge Holiday Apartment recommended
No. 1-804 Langyu Mansion, No 3. Dacisi Road. Sichuan, 610021
Chengdu Yuge Holiday Apartment Map
76 $
Chengdu Complex International Hotel recommended
No.98 Shengheyi Road Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu Complex International Hotel Map
76 $
Chengdu Folk Inn Software Park recommended
D District, Tianfu Software Park, Shijicheng South Road Sichuan
Chengdu Folk Inn Software Park Map
77 $
Tanmulin Celebrity City Hotel recommended
No.2 Tangkanshang Road Sichuan
Tanmulin Celebrity City Hotel Map
81 $
Chengdu Sofis National Hotel recommended
No.9 Yongling Road Sichuan
Chengdu Sofis National Hotel Map
81 $
Chengdu Hanyun Hotel recommended
No.12 South tianyi lane the north profit avenue. High-tech zone Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu Hanyun Hotel Map
88 $
Wangjiang Hotel recommended
No.42 Shahepu Jinjiang District 610066
Wangjiang Hotel Map
93 $
Chengdu Minyoun Central Hotel recommended
No.59 East Renmin Road Sichuan
Chengdu Minyoun Central Hotel Map
98 $
Chengdu Noah's Ark Hotel recommended
No.30 Chuangye Road Sichuan
Chengdu Noah's Ark Hotel Map
101 $
Chengdu Airport Hotel recommended
1, International Airport No.2 North Road Sichuan, 610225
Chengdu Airport Hotel Map
104 $
Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel recommended
No.168 Xi Yulong Street Sichuan, 610000
Dorsett Grand Chengdu Hotel Map
111 $
Sichuan Tennis International Hotel Main Building recommended
No.66, Jinhe Road, Shuangliu District Sichuan Province
Sichuan Tennis International Hotel Main Building Map
112 $
Buddhazen Hotel recommended
B6 6 Wenshufang Street Sichuan, 610017
Buddhazen Hotel Map
129 $
Ascott Raffles City Chengdu Serviced Apartments recommended
No.3 Section 4, South Renmin Road Sichuan, 610041
Ascott Raffles City Chengdu Serviced Apartments Map
131 $
Haiyatt Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.12 Hongxing 3rd Road Pedestrian Street, Jinjiang District 610016
Haiyatt Hotel Chengdu Map
137 $
Somerset Riverview Chengdu recommended
No.1 Renmin South Road, Section 3 610041
Somerset Riverview Chengdu Map
141 $
Chengdu Ren He Spring Hotel recommended
No.19, Second ring road west binary Sichuan, 610072
Chengdu Ren He Spring Hotel Map
145 $
Fraser Suites Chengdu recommended
No.111, Zhihui Street, Jinjiang District 610016
Fraser Suites Chengdu Map
149 $
Minshan Hotel-Accomadation Buliding recommended
No.55 Renmin South Road Sichuan, 610000
Minshan Hotel-Accomadation Buliding Map
153 $
Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel recommended
Hailrun Complex, No 216 Lower Dong Da Jie Jinjiang District Sichuan, 610021
Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel Map
153 $
Minyoun Royal Hotel Dongda Street recommended
No.35 Zidonglou Dongdajie sichuan, 610000
Minyoun Royal Hotel Dongda Street Map
180 $
The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu recommended
No.38-39 Kuan Alley, Qingyang District Sichuan, 610015
The Diaoyutai Boutique Chengdu Map
252 $
The St. Regis Chengdu recommended
99 Tidu street Sichuan, 610016
The St. Regis Chengdu Map
263 $
The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu recommended
269 Shuncheng Avenue, Sichuan Province Sichuan, 610017
The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu Map
279 $
Shangri-La Hotel recommended
9 Binjiang Dong Road 610021
Shangri-La Hotel Map
310 $
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