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These are recommended hotels in Chengdu, based on reviews.
Comprehesive listing of Hotels in Chengdu

Recommended Chengdu Hotels

Chengdu Panda Story Youth Hostel recommended
No.88, North Yi Duan 1st Ring Road Sichuan, 610031
Wenshu Yuan Monastery Area
7 $
Chengdu Mix Hostel Backpackers recommended
No.23 Renjia Wan, Xinghui West Road Sichuan, 610084
Wenshu Yuan Monastery Area
7 $
Chengdu Mao House recommended
No.216, Fuqin West Road Sichuan, 610031
Jinniu District
8 $
Chengdu Jiuwo Hostel recommended
Broad and Narrow Alley Sichuan, 610015
Kuanzhai Alley Area
9 $
Roadhouse of 18 in Chengdu recommended
Room 101, 1F, Unit 1, Building 3, Boshijingshe, No. 66, Dashi West Road Sichuan, 610041
Wuhou District
9 $
Chengdu Lazybones Hostel recommended
No.16 Yangshi Road Sichuan, 610014
Tianfu Square
9 $
7 Days Inn - Chengdu Zhengfu Street Wenshufang Branch recommended
No. 155 Zhengfu Street, Second area Renmin Middle Street Sichuan, 610014
Wenshu Yuan Monastery Area
24 $
Chengdu Flipflop Lounge Hostel recommended
No.98 Dongsheng Street, Forth Section Hongxing Road Sichuan, 610000
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
25 $
Chengdu Steam Hostel recommended
No.30, Wuhouci Street Sichuan, 610000
Jinli Commercial Area
28 $
Aishang Chengdu Hotel Xinian Branch recommended
No.216, Xiadong Road Sichuan, 610021
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
30 $
Chengdu Rayne Holiday Hotel recommended
No.2 North Street, Xindu District Sichuan
Pengzhou District
39 $
Chengdu Romance Vacation Aparthotel recommended
No. 59, Jinhe Road Sichuan, 610000
Kuanzhai Alley Area
42 $
Leeden Hotel Chengdu recommended
39, Hongxing Road 1st section Sichuan, 610017
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
48 $
Chengdu Yi Jin Hotel recommended
No.48 Shuinianhe Road Sichuan, 610066
Chenghua District
48 $
Lj's House recommended
Room 905? Xiushui Garden, Tianxianqiao South Road Sichuan, 610014
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
50 $
Chengdu Sofis National Hotel recommended
No.9 Yongling Road Sichuan
Jinniu District
55 $
Chengdu Eden Hotel recommended
3/1502, Building 1, Wanda Square, 2nd Section, Renmin North Road Sichuan, 610100
Chengdu North Railway
56 $
Chengdu West-Care-Kate Hotel recommended
Building C, Zhonghang International Plaza, No.88, Jiaozi Avenue Sichuan, 6410000
New International Conference and Exhibition Center
56 $
Atour Hotel Chengdu South Renmin Road Branch recommended
No.21 South 2nd section, 2nd Ring Sichuan
Tongzilin Commercial Area
63 $
Chengdu Grand Scent Hotel recommended
No.6, Tianjiu South alley. Sichuan, 610000
New International Conference and Exhibition Center
71 $
Chengdu Complex International Hotel recommended
No.98 Shengheyi Road Sichuan, 610000
Chengdu South Railway
72 $
Felton Gloria Grand Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.111, Wenhua Road, Wenjiang District Sichuan, 611130
Wenjiang District
74 $
Sichuan Tennis International Hotel Main Building recommended
No.66, Jinhe Road, Shuangliu District Sichuan Province
Shuangliu District
80 $
Chengdu Tibet Hotel recommended
10 North Renmin Road 610081
Chengdu North Railway
80 $
Chengdu Folk Inn Software Park recommended
D District, Tianfu Software Park, Shijicheng South Road Sichuan
Chengdu South Railway
81 $
Chengdu Lyhn International Hotel recommended
No.1 Admirals Street Sichuan, 610017
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
82 $
Buddhazen Hotel recommended
B6 6 Wenshufang Street Sichuan, 610017
Wenshu Yuan Monastery Area
85 $
Somerset Riverview Chengdu recommended
No.1 Renmin South Road, Section 3 610041
Jiuyan Bridge Bar Street Commercial Area
95 $
Chengdu Airport Hotel recommended
1, International Airport No.2 North Road Sichuan, 610225
Shuangliu International Airport District
99 $
Minyoun Royal Hotel Dongda Street recommended
No. 39, Dongda Street, Zidong Section, Jinjiang District sichuan, 610000
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
103 $
Haiyatt Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.12 Hongxing 3rd Road Pedestrian Street, Jinjiang District 610016
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
105 $
Ascott Raffles City Chengdu Serviced Apartments recommended
No.3 Section 4, South Renmin Road Sichuan, 610041
Jiuyan Bridge Bar Street Commercial Area
115 $
Chengdu Ren He Spring Hotel recommended
No.19, Second ring road west binary Sichuan, 610072
Qingyang District
136 $
Fraser Suites Chengdu recommended
No.111, Zhihui Street, Jinjiang District 610016
Tianfu Square
138 $
Rhombus Fantasia Chengdu Hotel recommended
Hailrun Complex, No 216 Lower Dong Da Jie Jinjiang District Sichuan, 610021
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
146 $
Howard Johnson Agile Plaza Chengdu recommended
19, Lushan Boulevard, Tianfu Area Sichuan
Shuangliu District
161 $
Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu recommended
9 Binjiang Dong Road 610021
Jiuyan Bridge Bar Street Commercial Area
195 $
The St. Regis Chengdu recommended
No.88 Taisheng South Road Sichuan, 610016
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
235 $
Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel Chengdu recommended
No.38-39 Kuan Alley, Qingyang District Sichuan, 610015
Kuanzhai Alley Area
444 $
The Ritz-Carlton Chengdu recommended
No.269 Shuncheng Street, Qingyang District Sichuan, 610017
Tianfu Square
715 $
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