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Recommended Dali Hotels

MTB Inn DaLi Ancient Town recommended
No.15 zu, Caicun country Yunnan, 671000
MTB Inn DaLi Ancient Town Map
6 $
Dali Campanula International Youth Hostel recommended
Dali city Hong Wulu Dream Theater on 10 meters and turn right Yunnan
Dali Campanula International Youth Hostel Map
6 $
Lao Shay Youth Hostel Dali recommended
No.2 Pingdeng Road Yunnan, 671000
Lao Shay Youth Hostel Dali Map
8 $
Dali Wanghaiting Inn recommended
North of Caicunmatou Yunnan
Dali Wanghaiting Inn Map
17 $
Dali Lily Pad Inn & International Guest House recommended
No.13, Group10, Ximen Village Yunnan, 671003
Dali Lily Pad Inn & International Guest House Map
20 $
Enjoy Dali Inn recommended
one pogoda road 87 ancient town Yunnan, 671003
Enjoy Dali Inn Map
20 $
Dali Ren Jia Inn recommended
No.27, Yin Cang Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Ren Jia Inn Map
21 $
The Jade Emu International Guesthouse recommended
Area 10, West Gate Village Yunnan, 671003
The Jade Emu International Guesthouse Map
21 $
Dali Five Elements Hostel recommended
No.69 Dazhifang Village Yunnan
Dali Five Elements Hostel Map
23 $
Dali MCA Hotel recommended
Wenxian Road, Dali Old Town Yunnan, 671003
Dali MCA Hotel Map
26 $
Dali Qingxin Garden Courtyard Hotel recommended
No.36 Fukangli, Pingdeng Road Yunnan, 671000
Dali Qingxin Garden Courtyard Hotel Map
26 $
Dali Mint Inn recommended
303, Yuer Road Yunnan
Dali Mint Inn Map
29 $
Dali Blue Bird Nest Guest House recommended
No.454, Renmin Road, Dali Ancient Town Yunnan, 671000
Dali Blue Bird Nest Guest House Map
30 $
Dali Mountain Delights Hotel recommended
shuidui Village, West Gate of Ancient Town. yunnan, 671003
Dali Mountain Delights Hotel Map
31 $
Dali Camel Inn recommended
Yuer Road Xiaduan, Dali Old Town Yunnan, 671000
Dali Camel Inn Map
32 $
Dali Sha xi Tea-Horse Inn recommended
No.37 Sideng Street Yunnan, 671000
Dali Sha xi Tea-Horse Inn Map
32 $
Dali Tianbo Inn recommended
No.13 Caicun Yunnan
Dali Tianbo Inn Map
38 $
Dali Einn Inn recommended
Xialongdeng, Longkan Matou Yunnan, 671000
Dali Einn Inn Map
38 $
Dali Tang Dynasty Boutique Hotel recommended
The Pier of Cecai Cun, West of Erhai Lake Yunnan, 671000
Dali Tang Dynasty Boutique Hotel Map
38 $
Fairyland Hotel Dali Tai He Ju recommended
No.260 Fuxing Road Yunnan, 671003
Fairyland Hotel Dali Tai He Ju Map
41 $
Dali Sunflower Homestay recommended
No.131, Pingdeng Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Sunflower Homestay Map
42 $
The Horse Inn Dali Mingyue Pavilion recommended
Dali South Gate Tower Next to the Temple Yunnan
The Horse Inn Dali Mingyue Pavilion Map
44 $
Dali Shaxi Cato's Inn recommended
No.36 Sideng Street Yunnan
Dali Shaxi Cato's Inn Map
46 $
Dali Jims Tibetan hotel recommended
No.4 Yuyuan Lane Yunnan, 671000
Dali Jims Tibetan hotel Map
49 $
Dali Shuanglang Small Pond Hotel recommended
No.80 Dajianpang Cun Yunnan
Dali Shuanglang Small Pond Hotel Map
51 $
Dali Full Moon Island Hotel recommended
North of the Xiaoyi Village Yunnan, 671000
Dali Full Moon Island Hotel Map
54 $
Dali Yinfeng Hotel recommended
No.41 Yincang Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Yinfeng Hotel Map
56 $
Dali Erhai Tranquility Retreat Hotel recommended
Longkan Xiadeng Village Yunnan, 671003
Dali Erhai Tranquility Retreat Hotel Map
81 $
Dali Bodani Inn recommended
No.18 Guoziyuan Yunnan
Dali Bodani Inn Map
81 $
DaLi Genting Hotel recommended
Longxiadeng Village, Longxi Dock Yunnan, 671000
DaLi Genting Hotel Map
83 $
Dali Moon River Hotel recommended
No.14 Renmin Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Moon River Hotel Map
88 $
Dali Hai Xin Yuan Inn recommended
No.29 Wenxian Road Yunnan, 671000
Dali Hai Xin Yuan Inn Map
106 $
Dali Gurong Hotel recommended
No.59 Bo Ai Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Gurong Hotel Map
111 $
Dali Yellow Canary Lodge recommended
Next to Caishen Temple, Cross of G214&Lvyu Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Yellow Canary Lodge Map
116 $
Grand Bay View International Hotel Dali recommended
South of Tai'an Bridge, Xiaguan 671000
Grand Bay View International Hotel Dali Map
123 $
Dali August Inn recommended
No.27 Yuexi Village Hongwu Road Yunnan
Dali August Inn Map
125 $
Sky Valley Heritage Boutique Hotel recommended
No.13 Xianglong Village, Sili Villiage Committee, Xizhou Town Yunnan, 671004
Sky Valley Heritage Boutique Hotel Map
129 $
Dali Shaxi Keep Watching 6740 Inn recommended
100 Metres left of Dongzhai Menwai, Sideng Street Yunnan, 671302
Dali Shaxi Keep Watching 6740 Inn Map
150 $
Dali Honglinge Inn recommended
No.42 Wenxian Road Yunnan, 671003
Dali Honglinge Inn Map
153 $
The One Resort Dali recommended
No.9, Bo Ai Road, Ancient Town Yunnan, 671003
The One Resort Dali Map
163 $
The Linden Centre recommended
No 5 .Chengbei village, Xizhou town 671004
The Linden Centre Map
173 $
Dali Inside Shore Inn recommended
Caicunmatou Yunnan
Dali Inside Shore Inn Map
188 $
Dali the Habitat Hotel recommended
No.66, Second Community, Village Xiabopeng, Yinqiao Town Yunnan, 670013
Dali the Habitat Hotel Map
212 $
Rainbows Nest International Guest house recommended
104 Guang Wu Road Yunnan
Rainbows Nest International Guest house Map
262 $
Dali Windoo Resort recommended
No.194 Longkan Cun Yunnan, 421000
Dali Windoo Resort Map
264 $
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