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Recommended Foshan Hotels

Motel 168-Shunde Ronggui Branch
No.34 Guizhou Dadaozhong Ronggui Guangdong
Motel 168-Shunde Ronggui Branch Map
21 $
Home Inn - Foshan Baihua Plaza recommended
F10-12, Huahui Building, Zumiao Rd.Chancheng District
Home Inn - Foshan Baihua Plaza Map
23 $
CityInn Qing Hui Hotel
No.53 Huagai Road, Dalinag Town, Shunde District
CityInn Qing Hui Hotel Map
26 $
Home World International Apartment Foshan recommended
610, Building 5, Area 1, No.3 Jihua Liu Road
Home World International Apartment Foshan Map
29 $
Foshan Super8 hotel recommended
NO.1 chengnan, dali town, nanhai district Guangdong, 528231
Foshan Super8 hotel Map
32 $
Pearl River Hotel
No.1 Qinren Road, Chancheng District Guangdong
Pearl River Hotel Map
32 $
Private ApartmentHuayuan International recommended
Huayuan International Apartment, No. 6 Fenjiang South Road Guangdong
Private ApartmentHuayuan International Map
35 $
High Point Hotel recommended
Jingcheng Road, Jiangxia, Dali, Nanhai District 528231
High Point Hotel Map
36 $
Lano Hotel
1 Gallery B, Foshan Ceramics Exhibition Center, Jihuasi Road (Jihuasi Lu)Area, Chancheng Distric
Lano Hotel Map
36 $
Poly Cullinan Apartment Hotel recommended
Block 2, Poly Cullinan Area, No.11, 2nd Lvjing Road, Chancheng District Guangdong, 528000
Poly Cullinan Apartment Hotel Map
37 $
Private-enjoyed Home Chained Apartment-Foshan Junyu recommended
F2 Buliding, Junyu Caifu Gongguan, No.32 Zhaoxiang Road, Chancheng District
Private-enjoyed Home Chained Apartment-Foshan Junyu Map
38 $
Rotating Palace Hotel
No. 1 Zumiao Road Foshan City
Rotating Palace Hotel Map
38 $
Jun Tao Business Hotel & Apartments
39 Yixin Road, Daliang, Shunde
Jun Tao Business Hotel & Apartments Map
39 $
U Home Hotel - Foshan Junyu
Building 2, No.32 Zhaoxiang Road, Chancheng District
U Home Hotel - Foshan Junyu Map
40 $
Jiagao Business Hotel recommended
74 Blocks Guicheng Street Guangdong
Jiagao Business Hotel Map
44 $
Dong Cheng Hotel recommended
No. 9 Dongle Road (Dongle Lu) Guangdong, 528300
Dong Cheng Hotel Map
44 $
Vienna Hotel (Foshan Chancheng Renminhu Branch)
No.101, Renmin Road, Chancheng District
Vienna Hotel (Foshan Chancheng Renminhu Branch) Map
44 $
Huifeng Holiday Hotel
Add.No.11, Keji Middle Road, Songgang Songxia Industrial Park, Shishan Town Guangdong, 528234
Huifeng Holiday Hotel Map
45 $
Welcome Inn Foshan
No.21 Building, Chuangyi Idustry Zone, No.33 Jihua Road
Welcome Inn Foshan Map
48 $
Shunde Grandview Hotel
No.24 Rongqidadaozhong Ronggui, Shunde Guangdong, 528303
Shunde Grandview Hotel Map
57 $
Bodun International Serviced Apartment recommended
Building B, 111 Jianxin Road, Chancheng District Guangdong, 528000
Bodun International Serviced Apartment Map
58 $
Royal Prince Hotel
2 Wenhai Middle Road, Ronggui Street, Shunde District 528305
Royal Prince Hotel Map
59 $
U Service Apartment Bodun Hotel recommended
Building A, 111 Jianxin Road, Chancheng District Guangdong, 528000
U Service Apartment Bodun Hotel Map
60 $
Foshan Panorama Hotel recommended
No.2, Cuihu Road, Jun''an Town, Shunde, Guangdong Province Guangdong, 528329
Foshan Panorama Hotel Map
60 $
Kings Land Hotel Shunde recommended
Beijiao Commercial Square, Beijiao New Town, Shunde district Guangdong, 528311
Kings Land Hotel Shunde Map
61 $
Pasonda Hotel recommended
NO.4 Hiliu Road, Guicheng, Nanhai District Guangdong, 528200
Pasonda Hotel Map
63 $
Carrianna Hotel recommended
14 Zumiao Road, Chancheng
Carrianna Hotel Map
64 $
Gardenlei Hotel recommended
NO.14 Jianhainan Road Daliang, Shunde, Guangdong Guangdong, 528300
Gardenlei Hotel Map
69 $
Aloft Nanhai Foshan Hotel
Boai Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai Foshan, Guangdong 528225
Aloft Nanhai Foshan Hotel Map
69 $
Centenio Kingdom Hotel recommended
Nanhai Ji Chang Road, Foshan Airport Crossing
Centenio Kingdom Hotel Map
72 $
Park Lane Hotel
No.A16, Lecong Avenue East, Lecong Town, Shunde District Guangdong
Park Lane Hotel Map
75 $
Foshan Golden City Hotel
125 Middle Fenjiang Road (Fenjiang Zhong Lu) Guangdong, 528000
Foshan Golden City Hotel Map
78 $
Nanhai Jiayi International Hotel recommended
NO.55 Boai Zhong Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai District Guangdong, 528225
Nanhai Jiayi International Hotel Map
80 $
Golden Sun Hotel recommended
No. 6 Guanghai Road East Guangdong, 528100
Golden Sun Hotel Map
81 $
Xiang Yun Sha Garden Hotel recommended
No.25 Qinghui Road, Shunde District
Xiang Yun Sha Garden Hotel Map
81 $
New World hotel Shunde recommended
150 Qinghui Road, Daliang, Shunde 528300
New World hotel Shunde Map
81 $
Minari Holiday Hotel recommended
South Of Dongping Road, Guicheng Town, Nanhai District Guangdong, 528099
Minari Holiday Hotel Map
85 $
Agile Hotel Foshan
Suiyan Road Huadiwan Side, Nanhai District Guangdong, 528247
Agile Hotel Foshan Map
89 $
Plainvim International Boutique Hotel recommended
No.18 ChengMen Tou Road, ChanCheng District Guangdong
Plainvim International Boutique Hotel Map
99 $
Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan recommended
No. 97 Renmin Road, Chancheng District
Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan Map
112 $
Sheraton Shunde Hotel recommended
11 Desheng Zhong Road
Sheraton Shunde Hotel Map
119 $
Ramada Plaza Shunde recommended
No.2 Linshang Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Guangdong Guangdong, 528311
Ramada Plaza Shunde Map
119 $
Hilton Foshan recommended
127 Lingnan North Avenue Guangdong, 528000
Hilton Foshan Map
124 $
Swissotel Foshan recommended
No. 1 Chengmentou West Road, Chancheng District 528000
Swissotel Foshan Map
148 $
Wyndham Foshan Shunde Hotel recommended
1 Fochen Road, Chencun Town, Shunde District Guangdong, 528313
Wyndham Foshan Shunde Hotel Map
156 $
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