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Recommended Haikou Hotels

North20 International Youth Hostel recommended
Fuhai Villa NO.18, Haidian Fifth East Road Hainan, 570000
North20 International Youth Hostel Map
8 $
Haikou Twinstar Youth Hostel recommended
Huaxia Villa, No.26 Heping Avenue, Haidian Island Hainan, 570208
Haikou Twinstar Youth Hostel Map
15 $
Lijia Hotel
No.13 Wenwei Road Wencheng Town, Wenchang City 571300
Lijia Hotel Map
21 $
Holiday Plaza Hotel
No.99 Longhua West Road 570102
Holiday Plaza Hotel Map
25 $
International Financial Jasper Hotel
29 Datong Road 570102
International Financial Jasper Hotel Map
31 $
Longquan Guest House recommended
No.18 LongKun South Rd, Meilan District
Longquan Guest House Map
32 $
ShenLan City Apartment recommended
No.1 Guomao Yiheng Rd Hainan, 570125
ShenLan City Apartment Map
32 $
Blossom Seaon
No 11, Sixth West Road, Haidian Island Hainan, 570208
Blossom Seaon Map
32 $
Junhong Hotel
NO.140, Haifu Rd Hainan, 570203
Junhong Hotel Map
34 $
Longquan Zhixing - Bailong Chain recommended
No.58 Bailong South Rd Hainan
Longquan Zhixing - Bailong Chain Map
36 $
Hai Kou Hotel
4 Haifu Road Haikou
Hai Kou Hotel Map
38 $
Changlong Hotel Qionghai
No.109 Jinhai Rd, Jiaji Town, Qionghai City Hainan, 571400
Changlong Hotel Qionghai Map
38 $
Hainan Huangma Holiday Hotel
No 22, Haifu Rd Hainan, 572000
Hainan Huangma Holiday Hotel Map
39 $
PengSheng Hotel
No 123, FengXiang Road, QiongShan Area Hainan
PengSheng Hotel Map
39 $
Taimei Boutique Hotel Int'l recommended
Yinhai Rd, Qionghai City Hainan, 571400
Taimei Boutique Hotel Int'l Map
40 $
Longquan Hotel recommended
No.22 Datong Rd, Longhua District
Longquan Hotel Map
41 $
Joy House Hotel recommended
Guoxing Ave, After the Hainan Liabrary Association Hainan, 570311
Joy House Hotel Map
41 $
Serengeti Hotel
NO 52, HaiXiuDaDao, LongHua Area Hainan
Serengeti Hotel Map
47 $
HNA New World Hotel Danzhou recommended
No.168, Zhongxin Ave, Danzhou Hainan
HNA New World Hotel Danzhou Map
51 $
Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel
188 Haixiu Road
Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel Map
53 $
Sun City Hotel Haikou
No.16 Longhua Rd Hainan
Sun City Hotel Haikou Map
54 $
Boao Holliyard Seaview Resort recommended
SeaRoyal, Binhai Road, Bo'ao Zhen Hainan, 571434
Boao Holliyard Seaview Resort Map
55 $
Pension Holiday Hotel recommended
No.169 Baijin Rd
Pension Holiday Hotel Map
55 $
Oscar Hotel
No.12 Haixiu Rd Hainan, 570206
Oscar Hotel Map
56 $
Guesthouse International Hotel Renaissance City Haikou Map
59 $
Mangrove Bay Hotel
No.555 Wenqing Avenue Hainan, 571339
Mangrove Bay Hotel Map
60 $
Golden Sea View Hotel Haikou
No. 67 Binhai Road Hainan Province
Golden Sea View Hotel Haikou Map
63 $
TourBond Resort Haikou
Room 103 Jinghaixuan, Zhaonan Liwan Community Wanxing Rd, No.13 Century Avenue, Meilan District Hainan, 570000
TourBond Resort Haikou Map
63 $
HNA Business Hotel Downtown
NO.38 Datong Rd Hainan Province, 570102
HNA Business Hotel Downtown Map
66 $
Guantang Hot Spring Resort Qionghai recommended
Hot Springs Tourism Development Zone Hainan
Guantang Hot Spring Resort Qionghai Map
67 $
BaoHua Harbour View Hotel
No.69 Binhai Avenue Hainan
BaoHua Harbour View Hotel Map
72 $
Ramada Hotel & Suites Boao recommended
No.9, Longbo Avenue, Bo'ao Zhen Hainan, 571434
Ramada Hotel & Suites Boao Map
74 $
Wenchang Waika Hotel recommended
No.166, Wenjian Road, Wenchang City Hainan, 571300
Wenchang Waika Hotel Map
74 $
Bao Happiness Hotel recommended
NO 28, YuSha Road, LongHua Area Hainan
Bao Happiness Hotel Map
80 $
Mingguang International Grand Hotel Haikou
No.9 Nanhai Road Hainan Province
Mingguang International Grand Hotel Haikou Map
81 $
Golden Coast Lawton Hotel recommended
No.68 Renmuin Ave 570208
Golden Coast Lawton Hotel Map
83 $
Eadry Royal Garden Hotel Haikou recommended
188 Hai Yu Avenue, Lingshan Town Hainan, 571126
Eadry Royal Garden Hotel Haikou Map
90 $
Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou recommended
No 21, Xi Yuan Rd, Xin Bu Island, Mei Lan District 570209
Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou Map
98 $
Boao Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel recommended
No.8 Golden Coast Avenue, Boao area
Boao Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel Map
112 $
Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel recommended
18 Wen Hua Lu 570105
Hainan Junhua Haiyi Hotel Map
127 $
Mission Hills Resort Haikou recommended
No.1 Mission Hills Boulevard Hainan, 571155
Mission Hills Resort Haikou Map
144 $
Boao State Guesthouse recommended
Longtanling, Boao, Qionghai, Hainan Hainan, 571434
Boao State Guesthouse Map
144 $
Hainan Boao BFA Hotel
Dongyu Island, Boao area
Hainan Boao BFA Hotel Map
166 $
Shangri-La Hotel Haikou recommended
256 Binhai Road, Xiuying District Hainan, 570311
Shangri-La Hotel Haikou Map
179 $
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