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Recommended Hangzhou Hotels

Hangzhou Chat Inn recommended
No.170-1, Yongbo Street Zhejiang, 310003
Hangzhou Chat Inn Map
24 $
Tonglu Lai Yue Hotel recommended
No.26 Niushanwu Road Zhejiang, 311502
Tonglu Lai Yue Hotel Map
32 $
Super 8 Hotel Hangzhou Song Dynasty recommended
No.198, Zhongshan Middle Road Zhejiang, 310002
Super 8 Hotel Hangzhou Song Dynasty Map
34 $
Birds Inn recommended
29, Siyanjing, Hupao Road Zhejiang
Birds Inn Map
35 $
Hangzhou Kentin Apartment Boss Bay Branch recommended
No.4281 Nanhuan Road Zhejiang, 310053
Hangzhou Kentin Apartment Boss Bay Branch Map
37 $
Hangzhou Bolai Boutique Hotel recommended
No.23-1, Huancheng East Road Zhejiang, 310009
Hangzhou Bolai Boutique Hotel Map
40 $
Hangzhou Junfu International Hotel recommended
No.198 Shiqiao Road Zhejiang, 310021
Hangzhou Junfu International Hotel Map
47 $
Maison Hostel Hangzhou recommended
No.59 Santaiyunshe Santai Road Zhejiang, 310013
Maison Hostel Hangzhou Map
47 $
Jinjiang Inn Hangzhou Xihu Avenue Branch recommended
No. 196, Zhongshan Middle Road Zhejiang, 310000
Jinjiang Inn Hangzhou Xihu Avenue Branch Map
49 $
Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuan Hotel recommended
No.575 Shixiang Road Zhejiang, 310015
Hangzhou Haiwaihai Nachuan Hotel Map
51 $
Hangzhou Art Nest Hotel recommended
No.139 Shang Mao JIa Bu Zhejiang, 310013
Hangzhou Art Nest Hotel Map
55 $
Hangzhou Lazy Garden Hostel recommended
No 59, Hupao Road, West Lake Zhejiang, 310000
Hangzhou Lazy Garden Hostel Map
58 $
Hangzhou 51 Fashion Hotel recommended
No.737 Shixin North Road Zhejiang, 311215
Hangzhou 51 Fashion Hotel Map
60 $
Hangzhou Shujiang Hotel recommended
#1 economic development zone No. 2 Street Zhejiang, 310004
Hangzhou Shujiang Hotel Map
62 $
Hangzhou Serene Cicada Hotel Hupao Branch recommended
No.108, Man Jue Long Road Zhejiang, 310002
Hangzhou Serene Cicada Hotel Hupao Branch Map
62 $
Hangzhou May's Hostel recommended
No.277 Tianzu Road Zhejiang, 310013
Hangzhou May's Hostel Map
62 $
South China Harbor View Hotel recommended
No.1618 JinCheng Road Zhejiang, 311202
South China Harbor View Hotel Map
70 $
Hangzhou Yuanzheng Qizhen Hotel recommended
No.866 Yuhangtang Road Zhejiang, 310013
Hangzhou Yuanzheng Qizhen Hotel Map
71 $
Lin'an Landscape Family Hotel recommended
No.88 Shengyuan Road Zhejiang, 311300
Lin'an Landscape Family Hotel Map
76 $
Hangzhou Scholars Club Hotel recommended
No.246 Moganshan Road Zhejiang, 310005
Hangzhou Scholars Club Hotel Map
81 $
New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu recommended
No.999 Baiyunyuan Road Zhejiang, 311500
New Century Grand Hotel Tonglu Map
95 $
Grand Parkray Hangzhou Hotel recommended
No. 108, Shixin North Road Zhejiang, 311215
Grand Parkray Hangzhou Hotel Map
101 $
Hangzhou Sungives Hotel recommended
Unit 2 Buliding NO.58 Chummy Resort Liangzhu New Town Zhejiang, 311113
Hangzhou Sungives Hotel Map
112 $
Hangzhou Linan Wonderland Hotel recommended
No.88, Shengyuan Road, Linan Zhejiang, 311399
Hangzhou Linan Wonderland Hotel Map
113 $
Oakwood Residence Hangzhou recommended
No. 28 Jiaogong Road 310012
Oakwood Residence Hangzhou Map
121 $
Hangzhou Tea Boutique Hotel recommended
124 Shuguang Road 310007
Hangzhou Tea Boutique Hotel Map
122 $
Hangzhou Eastern Cloud Hotel recommended
13, Jiuxi Road Zhejiang, 310008
Hangzhou Eastern Cloud Hotel Map
125 $
Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu recommended
Liangzhu New Town Hangzhou China Zhejiang, 311115
Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu Map
127 $
Hangzhou Xixi Hotel recommended
No.803 West Wener Road Zhejiang, 310012
Hangzhou Xixi Hotel Map
130 $
Hangzhou Phoenix Resort recommended
No.164 Phoenix Footofamountain Road Zhejiang, 310000
Hangzhou Phoenix Resort Map
145 $
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou recommended
No.555 Fengqi Road, Zhejiang Province 310006
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Hangzhou Map
210 $
Hyatt Regency Hangzhou Hotel recommended
28 Hu Bin Road Zhejiang, 310006
Hyatt Regency Hangzhou Hotel Map
224 $
JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou recommended
28 Hushu South Road 310006
JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou Map
261 $
Hangzhou Rose Garden Resort & Spa recommended
No.128 Zhijiang Road Zhejiang, 311117
Hangzhou Rose Garden Resort & Spa Map
292 $
Fuchun Resort recommended
Fuyang Section Hangfu Yanjiang Road Zhejiang, 63260
Fuchun Resort Map
432 $
Relais & Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou Hotel recommended
NO.57 Chang Sheng Road Zhejiang, 310006
Relais & Chateaux Chaptel Hangzhou Hotel Map
597 $
Amanfayun recommended
22 Fayun Lane, West Lake Street, West Lake Scenic Area Zhejiang, 310013
Amanfayun Map
953 $
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