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Recommended Kunming Hotels

Kunming Apple 212 Guesthouse recommended
Hongjin Road No.212 Kunming Yunnan Yunnan, 650000
8 $
Kunming Apple Guesthouse recommended
Yunnan province Kunming city Wuhua Region. LinYu street Meijing xincheng Building D2 unit 1 room 2508 Yunnan, 650000
9 $
Kunming EC Youth Hostel recommended
No.153, Maichong Village, Shuanglong County, Panlong District Yunnan, 650051
16 $
7 Days Inn Kunming Wujing Road recommended
No. 61 Wujing Road Yunnan
Kunming City Center
23 $
Lost Garden Guesthouse recommended
No.7, Yiqiutian, Huanggong East Street, Cuihu South Road Yunnan, 650031
Kunming City Center
27 $
Kunming Cloudland International Youth Hostel recommended
No.23 Zhuantang Road Yunnan, 650032
Kunming City Center
27 $
Motel 168 Kunming Railway Station Huancheng South Road recommended
No.1472, Huancheng South Road, Guandu District Yunnan, 650011
Kunming City Center
27 $
7 Days Inn Kunming Qingnian Road recommended
No.87, Qingnian Road Yunnan, 650051
Kunming City Center
29 $
Kunming Upland Youth Hostel recommended
No.92 Huashan West Road Yunnan, 650031
Kunming City Center
29 $
Hanting Express Kunming Cuihu recommended
No.241, Dongfeng West Road Yunnan, 650021
Kunming City Center
32 $
Fairyland Hotel Kunming Bao Shan recommended
No.38-43 Xiaodong Street Yunnan
Kunming City Center
34 $
Kunming Changshui Guest House recommended
300 Meters Left to Changshui Airport Exit Yunnan, 650200
35 $
Home Inn Kunming National Railway Museum Beijing Road recommended
107-119 North Huancheng Road (Huancheng Bei Lu) Yunnan, 650051
Kunming City Center
36 $
Fairyland Hotel Kunming Haiyuan Middle Road Branch recommended
Floor 19-22, Hecheng Guoji, Haiyuan Middle Road Yunnan, 650106
40 $
Home Inn Kunming Xuefu Road Yunshangcheng recommended
No.329, Jianshe Road, Wuhua District Yunnan, 650031
Kunming City Center
43 $
Fairyland Hotel Teaching Field Road Branch recommended
316, Jiaochang Middle Road, Wuhua District Yunnan
Kunming City Center
46 $
JI Hotel Kunming Zheng Yi Fang Branch recommended
No.111 Zhengyi Road, Wuhua District Yunnan
Kunming City Center
46 $
Home Inn Kunming Baita Road recommended
341 Baita Road (Baita Lu) Yunnan, 650051
Kunming City Center
47 $
Kunming Te Yun Hotel recommended
No.40, Longxiang Street, Jianshe Road, Wuhua District Yunnan
Kunming City Center
48 $
Home Inn Kunming Jianshe Road recommended
492 West Dongfeng Road (Dongfeng Xi Lu) Yunnan, 650031
Kunming City Center
52 $
Great View Hotel Of Kunming recommended
259 Chuanjin Road Yunnan, 650051
Kunming City Center
64 $
Badi Hotel Nanya Feng Qing Hotel recommended
No.2, Tianchi Road, Xishan District Yunnan, 650228
Exhibition Center and Airport
69 $
Xin Sheng Da Hong Sheng International Hotel recommended
Xingcheng Road (Intersection of Dounan Road), Guandu District Yunnan, 650500
69 $
Kunming Dynasty International Hotel recommended
52 Ke Yi Road, High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone Yunnan, 650106
78 $
Empark Grand Hotel recommended
No.1 Yingbin Road, Guandu District 650214
Exhibition Center and Airport
80 $
Kunming Lazy Hotel recommended
Xishan District 1312 H Building, Dianchi Road Yunnan, 650228
84 $
Grand Park Kunming Hotel recommended
20 Hong Hua Qiao 650031
Kunming City Center
94 $
Kunming Sheng Shi Qian He Hotel recommended
No.181 Cuifeng Road Yunnan
98 $
Shilin Yinruilin International Hotel recommended
Shilindonglu Yunnan, 652211
100 $
NEW ERA HOTEL recommended
No. 1, West Dongfeng Road Yunnan Province
Kunming City Center
102 $
Angsana Club Fuxian Lake recommended
No 8 Huanhu Beilu, Chengjiang Yunnan, 652500
102 $
Kunming Fragrant Seasons Hotel recommended
Guandu Ancient Town Yunnan, 650200
Exhibition Center and Airport
110 $
Kunming Golden Eagle Summit Hotel recommended
No.168, Weiyuan Road 650021
Kunming City Center
125 $
Yunnan Bank Hotel recommended
399 Youth Road 650011
Kunming City Center
150 $
Angsana Fuxian Lake Hotel recommended
No. 8 Huanhu Beilu, Chengjiang 652500
156 $
Wanda Vista Kunming Hotel recommended
No.888?Qianxing Road, Xishan District Yunnan, 650228
Exhibition Center and Airport
159 $
Lakeview Golf Hotel Kunming recommended
No. 10, Xingti Road, Dianchi Holiday District, Xishan 650000
165 $
Haily Binya Resort & Spa recommended
cross point of Guangfu Road and Nandadao Street, Guandu District. Yunnan, 650200
181 $
Kunming Green Lake Hotel recommended
6 South Chihu Road Yunnan, 650031
Kunming City Center
199 $
Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Colorful Yunnan Kunming Hotel recommended
No.569 Dianchi Road Yunnan, 650238
222 $
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