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Recommended Nanjing Hotels

Hi Inn Nanjing Zhujiang Road Branch recommended
No.9 Hong Miao Road Jiangsu, 210018
Xuan Wu District
18 $
Bestay Hotel Express Nanjing Xinjiekou recommended
No.241-1 Zhongshan South Road Jiangsu, 210001
Qin Huai District
21 $
JinJiang Inn Hotel Nanjing Da Chang Jing Jiu Road recommended
No.55 Panying Road Zhejiang, 210048
Pu Kou District
22 $
7 Days Inn Nanjing Tian Yin Da Dao Subway Station Branch recommended
No.1369 Tian Yin Da Dao Jiangsu, 211199
Jiang Ning District
25 $
Green Tree Inn Nanjing Zhonghua Gate Subway Station Hotel recommended
No.110 Yuhua West Road Jiangsu, 210000
Jian Ye District
26 $
Nanjing Kaibin Apartment Chengkai YueShi Dian recommended
ChengkaiGuojiDasha 198 Hongwulu Jiangsu, 210000
Qin Huai District
32 $
Jinjiang Inn Nanjing Xiaguan recommended
No.550 Zhongshan Rd.(N)
Gu Lou District
33 $
Nanjing Fangjiayuan Apartment Chengkai International recommended
Room 1708, 2nd Building, Chengkai International Mansion, No.198 Hongwu Road Jiangsu, 210002
Qin Huai District
34 $
Nanjing TianPu Hotel recommended
No.2, Tianpu Road Jiangsu, 211899
Pu Kou District
40 $
Nanjing Gaochun Yuehu Hotel recommended
No.22, Danyang Lake North Road, Gaochun District Jiangsu, 211399
53 $
Atour Hotel Nanjing Xuanwumen recommended
No.266 Central Road Jiangsu, 210037
Xuan Wu District
66 $
Eastern Pearl Hotel recommended
389 Zhujiang Road 210018
Xuan Wu District
66 $
Jingli Hotel Nanjing recommended
No. 7 Beijing West Road Jiangsu, 210000
Gu Lou District
71 $
Novotel Nanjing Central Hotel recommended
No 68 Huaihai Road Jiangsu, 210005
Qin Huai District
74 $
Nanjing Arcadia International Hotel recommended
No.20 Huanlongchi Road, Longchi Street Jiangsu, 211500
74 $
Lakeview Xuanwu Hotel recommended
193 Zhong Yang Road 210009
Gu Lou District
75 $
Jiangsu Dingding International Hotel recommended
No.9 Xinglong Road Jiangsu
Pu Kou District
79 $
Han Apartment Nanjing Branch recommended
Yijing Apartment, North Tower, International Plaza, No.201, Zhongyang Road Jiangsu, 210009
Gu Lou District
80 $
Novotel Nanjing East Suning Galaxy recommended
No. 9 Suning Road Jiangsu, 210042
Qi Xia District
82 $
The Cumberland Boutique Hotel Nanjing recommended
No.102 Zhongshan Road Jiangsu, 210005
Xuan Wu District
88 $
Xinhua Media GDH International Hotel recommended
NO.363, Middle Jiangdong Road Jiangsu, 210004
Jian Ye District
90 $
Grand Metropark Hotel Nanjing recommended
NO 319 East Zhongshan Road 210016
Xuan Wu District
90 $
Nanjing Han Fu Hotel recommended
No.262, Chang Jiang Road Jiangsu, 210005
Xuan Wu District
90 $
Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort recommended
No.9 HuanLing Road
Xuan Wu District
91 $
Nanjing Jinling Riverside Hotel recommended
No.260, Yangzijiang Avenue. Jiangsu, 210019
Jian Ye District
96 $
Nanjing Jinling Hotel recommended
2 Hanzhong Road 210005
Gu Lou District
100 $
Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing recommended
No.9 Shanxi Road Jiangsu, 210009
Gu Lou District
101 $
Nanjing Lakehome Hotels & Resorts recommended
No.1528, Shuanglong Avenue Jiangsu, 211100
Jiang Ning District
111 $
Nanjing Central Hotel recommended
75 Zhongshan Road Jiangsu, 210005
Gu Lou District
113 $
Nanjing Jiaye International No.1 Mansion recommended
No.158 Lushan Road Jiangsu, 210012
Jian Ye District
113 $
Hilton Nanjing Riverside Hotel recommended
No.1 Huaibin Road 210011
Gu Lou District
118 $
Fairmont Hotel Nanjing recommended
No.333, Jiangdong Middle Road Jiangsu, 210019
Jian Ye District
120 $
Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel recommended
No.59, Zhushan Road Jiangsu, 211199
Jiang Ning District
128 $
Hilton Nanjing Hotel recommended
No. 100 Middle Jiangdong Road 210019
Jian Ye District
134 $
Fraser Suites Nanjing recommended
No.116 Lushan Road
Jian Ye District
142 $
Regalia Resort & Spa Nanjing Qinhuai River recommended
Nanjing 1865 Park, E5 No. 28, Yang Hu Xiang 210006
Qin Huai District
158 $
Shangri-La Hotel Nanjing recommended
No.329 Zhongyang Road Jiangsu, 210037
Gu Lou District
183 $
Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villa & Spa recommended
No.12 Hot Spring Road, Tangshan Town Jiangsu, 211131
Jiang Ning District
438 $
The Yihe Mansions recommended
No.3 Jiangsu Road Jiangsu, 210009
Gu Lou District
523 $
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