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Recommended Ningbo Hotels

Bestay Hotel Express Ningbo South Railway Station recommended
No.199 Nanzhan West Road Zhejiang, 315012
Bestay Hotel Express Ningbo South Railway Station Map
21 $
Green Tree Inn Ningbo East Baizhang Road recommended
No.115 East Baizhang Road Zhejiang, 315040
Green Tree Inn Ningbo East Baizhang Road Map
23 $
Jinguang Express Hotel Ningbo Chenghuangmiao recommended
No.66, Jiefang South Road Zhejiang, 315010
Jinguang Express Hotel Ningbo Chenghuangmiao Map
28 $
Ibis Ningbo Qian Hu Hotel recommended
No.17, Qianhu North Road 439 Zhejiang, 315110
Ibis Ningbo Qian Hu Hotel Map
28 $
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo The Terminal Shop recommended
No.1489 South Liyuan Road Zhejiang, 315153
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo The Terminal Shop Map
29 $
Ningbo Haishu Qihai Hotel recommended
No. 16 Xianqian Stree Zhejiang, 315010
Ningbo Haishu Qihai Hotel Map
32 $
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo Youngor recommended
No.455 Yinxian Ave.(W), Yinzhou District
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo Youngor Map
33 $
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo Train Station recommended
No.199 Nanzhan Rd.(W), Haishu District
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo Train Station Map
36 $
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo Tianyi recommended
No.501 Zhongshan Rd.(E)
Jinjiang Inn Ningbo Tianyi Map
36 $
Best Western Cixi Hotel recommended
No.407 Huancheng South Road Zhejiang, 315399
Best Western Cixi Hotel Map
39 $
Hotel Cixi Kimtay Plaza recommended
No.1 Dongxing Road Hushan Town Zhejiang, 315300
Hotel Cixi Kimtay Plaza Map
43 $
Ningbo Huanqiudao Boutique Hotel recommended
NO.335 Changjiang Road Zhejiang, 315899
Ningbo Huanqiudao Boutique Hotel Map
47 $
Ningbo Lizi Hotel recommended
No.436 Jinshan Middle Road, Yinzhou 315012
Ningbo Lizi Hotel Map
49 $
Han's Apartment Ningbo Yinyi Global Center recommended
No.95 Rixin Street Zhejiang, 315010
Han's Apartment Ningbo Yinyi Global Center Map
56 $
Ningbo Hainabaichuan Hotel recommended
NO.99 Wenjiao Road Zhejiang, 315016
Ningbo Hainabaichuan Hotel Map
59 $
Excemon Yuyao Hemudu Hotel recommended
NO.78, Xinjian Road Zhejiang, 315400
Excemon Yuyao Hemudu Hotel Map
63 $
Ningbo Zhe Hai Grand Hotel recommended
No. 88 Middle Lianfeng Road 315012
Ningbo Zhe Hai Grand Hotel Map
65 $
New Century Ninghai Hotel recommended
No.159 Taoyuan Middle Road, Ninghai
New Century Ninghai Hotel Map
67 $
Gomine Apartment NingBo Yinyi Global Center recommended
Building C of Yinyi Global Center, No.45, Chejiao Road Zhejiang, 315000
Gomine Apartment NingBo Yinyi Global Center Map
67 $
Han's Apartment NingBo Portman Branch recommended
No.28 Waiqianlong Avenue Zhejiang, 315040
Han's Apartment NingBo Portman Branch Map
69 $
Prelude Ningbo Huafu Hotel recommended
No.1288 Chunhua Road Zhejiang, 315171
Prelude Ningbo Huafu Hotel Map
73 $
Ningbo CITIC International Hotel recommended
1 Jiangdong Bei Road 315040
Ningbo CITIC International Hotel Map
73 $
Ningbo Portman Plaza Hotel recommended
No. 52 North Caihong Road, Jiangdong District 315040
Ningbo Portman Plaza Hotel Map
74 $
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Ningbo recommended
No.99 Minan East Road Zhejiang, 315040
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Ningbo Map
75 $
New Century Ningbo Hotel recommended
812 East BaiZhang Road, JiangDong Area
New Century Ningbo Hotel Map
78 $
Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo recommended
230 Liuting Street Haishu District
Howard Johnson Plaza Ningbo Map
87 $
Howard Johnson Sunshine Plaza Ningbo recommended
No.188 Wangchun Road Zhejiang, 315016
Howard Johnson Sunshine Plaza Ningbo Map
90 $
Howard Johnson IFC Plaza Ningbo Hotel recommended
No.288 Dingtai Road Zhejiang, 315040
Howard Johnson IFC Plaza Ningbo Hotel Map
91 $
Yuyao Plaza Hotel recommended
No.108, Shunshui South Road Zhejiang, 315400
Yuyao Plaza Hotel Map
96 $
New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo recommended
Langjiaping Jiulong Lake, Zhenhai 315205
New Century Resort Jiulong Lake Ningbo Map
96 $
Pan Pacific Ningbo Hotel recommended
NO.99 Min'an Road East Zhejiang, 315040
Pan Pacific Ningbo Hotel Map
97 $
New Century Ningbo Grand Hotel recommended
No. 666 Middle Of Shounan Road, Yinzhou
New Century Ningbo Grand Hotel Map
98 $
Sofitel Wanda Ningbo recommended
899 SiMing Zhong Road, Yinzhou District 315192
Sofitel Wanda Ningbo Map
103 $
Jinhai New Century Grand Hotel Ninghai recommended
No.399 Jinshui Road Zhejiang, 315600
Jinhai New Century Grand Hotel Ninghai Map
103 $
Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel recommended
2 Lingqiao Road 315010
Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel Map
104 $
Ningbo HengYuan Hotel recommended
No.55 Binhai No.1 Road Zhejiang, 315336
Ningbo HengYuan Hotel Map
106 $
Yuyao Grand Pacific Hotel recommended
No.168 Nanbinjiang Road Zhejiang, 315402
Yuyao Grand Pacific Hotel Map
107 $
Ningbo ZhouSu Neon Boutique Hotel recommended
No.83-2 North Zhangxi Road Zhejiang, 315100
Ningbo ZhouSu Neon Boutique Hotel Map
115 $
The Westin Ningbo Hotel recommended
75 Rixin Street, Haishu District 315000
The Westin Ningbo Hotel Map
134 $
Sheraton Ningbo Hotel recommended
No.50 North Caihong Road Zhejiang, 315016
Sheraton Ningbo Hotel Map
141 $
Ningbo Dongqian Lake Resort recommended
Sunshine Waterfront Scenic Spot Zhejiang, 315121
Ningbo Dongqian Lake Resort Map
142 $
Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel recommended
No.1288 East Qin xian AVE Zhejiang, 315100
Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel Map
147 $
Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo recommended
88 Yuyuan Road, Jiang Dong District 315040
Shangri-La Hotel Ningbo Map
173 $
Ningbo Marriott Hotel recommended
188 He Yi Road, Hai Shu District 315000
Ningbo Marriott Hotel Map
175 $
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa recommended
Dayan road, Dong qian Lake Zhejiang, 315123
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort & Spa Map
357 $
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