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Recommended Shenyang Hotels

Motel168 Middle Street
No.184 Beishuncheng Road Liaoning, 110041
Motel168 Middle Street Map
25 $
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Palace Meseum recommended
No.80 Chaoyang St. Liaoning, 110011
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Palace Meseum Map
28 $
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Xingshun Street
No.163 Xingshun St. Liaoning, 110023
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Xingshun Street Map
28 $
Ibis Shenyang The Centre
161 Nan Jing Bei Street Liaoning, 110001
Ibis Shenyang The Centre Map
29 $
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Wu'ai recommended
No.25-2 Renao Rd 110014
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Wu'ai Map
31 $
Green Tree Inn Shenyang Consulate Hotel recommended
No.14 Fourteen Latitude Road Liaoning, 110003
Green Tree Inn Shenyang Consulate Hotel Map
31 $
Yes Inn Shenyang recommended
No.11 Zhulin Road Liaoning
Yes Inn Shenyang Map
31 $
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Zhong Street recommended
No.38 Xiaobei St. Liaoning, 110041
Jinjiang Inn Shenyang Zhong Street Map
32 $
Ibis Shenyang Tiexi
No. 20 Jianshe Road (M) Liaoning
Ibis Shenyang Tiexi Map
32 $
JinJiang Inn Shenyang Lujun Zongyuan
No. 45 Wuai Street Liaoning, 110016
JinJiang Inn Shenyang Lujun Zongyuan Map
39 $
Wonhurg International Hotel
No.35 Kunshan Zhong Lu, Huangu District 110031
Wonhurg International Hotel Map
39 $
Times Plaza Shenyang Hotel
99 North Station Road, Shehe District
Times Plaza Shenyang Hotel Map
40 $
Vienna International Hotel Shenyang Railway Station Branch recommended
No.58, Minzu North Street Liaoning, 110011
Vienna International Hotel Shenyang Railway Station Branch Map
47 $
Bestay Hotel Express Shenyang Fuda Road
No.52 Er Road Liaoning, 110002
Bestay Hotel Express Shenyang Fuda Road Map
47 $
Shenyang Tianbao International Hotel
No.107 Dashizhi Avenue Liaoning, 110042
Shenyang Tianbao International Hotel Map
49 $
Furama Hotel Shenyang
No.65-1, Zhonghua Road, Heping District Liaoning, 110001
Furama Hotel Shenyang Map
53 $
Shenyang Tianlun Regar Hotel recommended
No.23, Chaoyang Street 110011
Shenyang Tianlun Regar Hotel Map
55 $
Kiss Hotel Shenyang Zhongjie recommended
No.1315 Building A Zhong Xin Street Liaoning, 110000
Kiss Hotel Shenyang Zhongjie Map
55 $
Shenyang Eletel Hotel
No.235 Zhongjie Road Liaoning, 110011
Shenyang Eletel Hotel Map
57 $
Shenyang Guangda Express Hotel recommended
No.37 Shiyiwei Road Liaoning, 110003
Shenyang Guangda Express Hotel Map
60 $
Lohas Hotel Shenyang Xinhua Square
No.12 Nanbama Road Liaoning, 110005
Lohas Hotel Shenyang Xinhua Square Map
63 $
Shenyang Rayfont International Hotel recommended
No.32-2, Pangjiang Street, Dadong Dstrict Liaoning, 110042
Shenyang Rayfont International Hotel Map
65 $
Shenyang Xinxi Apartment Taiyuan Street Branch
88 Zhonghua Road Liaoning, 110001
Shenyang Xinxi Apartment Taiyuan Street Branch Map
68 $
Shenyang Tianfeng International Hotel
No.31 South Xinghua Street Liaoning, 110023
Shenyang Tianfeng International Hotel Map
78 $
Shenyang Country Garden Holiday Hotel recommended
No.18, Bi Gui Yuan Street Liaoning, 110122
Shenyang Country Garden Holiday Hotel Map
80 $
Maritim Hotel Shenyang
Yinhe City, Wanghe Road, Yuhong District 110141
Maritim Hotel Shenyang Map
81 $
Jianhui Junyue Grand Hotel
No.77 North Station Rd. 110013
Jianhui Junyue Grand Hotel Map
81 $
Shenyang Huamei Haoting Hotel
No. 53 Youhao Street Shenhe District 110013
Shenyang Huamei Haoting Hotel Map
81 $
Doubletree by Hilton Shenyang Hotel recommended
No. 89 Fengyutan Street Shenhe District 110011
Doubletree by Hilton Shenyang Hotel Map
84 $
Somerset Heping Shenyang recommended
80 Taiyuan North Street, Heping District 110000
Somerset Heping Shenyang Map
85 $
Shenyang Longemont Hotel
No.32-1, Pangjiang Street Liaoning, 110042
Shenyang Longemont Hotel Map
88 $
Shenyang Haiyun Jinjiang International Hotel recommended
No. 64 A Xinggong North Road Liaoning, 110025
Shenyang Haiyun Jinjiang International Hotel Map
89 $
Sunrise International Hotel recommended
10 Changan Road, Dadong District
Sunrise International Hotel Map
94 $
Sofitel Shenyang Lido Hotel
No. 386, Qingnian Street Liaoning, 110004
Sofitel Shenyang Lido Hotel Map
95 $
Rose Hotel
201 Zhongjie Road, Shehe District
Rose Hotel Map
99 $
Traders Hotel recommended
68 Zhonghua Road, Heping District 110001
Traders Hotel Map
110 $
Kempinski Hotel recommended
109 Youth Street, Shenhe District
Kempinski Hotel Map
113 $
Liaoning Hotel
No.97 Zhongshan Road Liaoning, 110002
Liaoning Hotel Map
114 $
Shenyang Grand Metropark North Yoker Hotel recommended
No.35 North Tong Ze Street Liaoning, 110001
Shenyang Grand Metropark North Yoker Hotel Map
128 $
Shenyang Hojo Hotel
217 Huigong St Shenhe District
Shenyang Hojo Hotel Map
143 $
Shangri-La Hotel Shenyang recommended
No.115 Qing Nian Street Liaoning, 110016
Shangri-La Hotel Shenyang Map
150 $
Wanda Vista Shenyang Hotel recommended
No.17-5 Yingpan West Street Liaoning, 110180
Wanda Vista Shenyang Hotel Map
159 $
Minshan Hotel Shenyang
No.88-2 Zhonghua Road, Heping District 110001
Minshan Hotel Shenyang Map
161 $
Gloria Plaza Hotel Shenyang recommended
32 Yingbin Street, Beizhan Road, Shenhe District
Gloria Plaza Hotel Shenyang Map
185 $
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