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Recommended Tianjin Hotels

Tianjin Shangchao International Youth Hostel recommended
No.1413 Junlintianxia Haihe East Road Hebei District Tianjin, 300000
Tianjin Shangchao International Youth Hostel Map
11 $
Tianjin Gesa International Hostel recommended
141 Chongqing Avenue Tianjin
Tianjin Gesa International Hostel Map
13 $
Ibis Tianjin Tianwei recommended
No.23 Diwei RD Hebei District Tianjin, 300143
Ibis Tianjin Tianwei Map
23 $
Jinjiang Inn Tianjin South Station recommended
No.19 Xianghe Avenue Tianjin, 300380
Jinjiang Inn Tianjin South Station Map
24 $
Green Tree Inn Tianjin Friendship Road recommended
No.107 Weiti Road Tianjin, 300201
Green Tree Inn Tianjin Friendship Road Map
26 $
Green Tree Inn Tianjin Baidi Road Express recommended
No.42 Baiti Road Tianjin, 300193
Green Tree Inn Tianjin Baidi Road Express Map
28 $
GreenTree Inn Tianjin Xianyang Road Express Hotel recommended
No.79 Xianyang Road Tianjin, 300110
GreenTree Inn Tianjin Xianyang Road Express Hotel Map
28 $
Jinjiang Inn Tianjin Bawei Rd. recommended
Shisanjing Rd 300171
Jinjiang Inn Tianjin Bawei Rd. Map
28 $
GreenTree Inn Tianjin Binhai New District Yujiapu recommended
No.2761 Xingangyihao Road Tianjin, 300456
GreenTree Inn Tianjin Binhai New District Yujiapu Map
29 $
Tianjin Tiao Bao International Hotel recommended
No.368, Jinmen Avenue, Binhai New District Tianjin, 300461
Tianjin Tiao Bao International Hotel Map
32 $
FX Hotel Tianjin Station recommended
Cross between Hua Xing Street and Xin Zhao Road Tianjin, 300457
FX Hotel Tianjin Station Map
35 $
Tianjin Wenxin Jiayuan Hotel recommended
1-3309 Ruyi Building Tianjin, 300010
Tianjin Wenxin Jiayuan Hotel Map
36 $
Jia Hang Hotel Tianjin Huashuo recommended
48 Xianfeng East Road, Dong Li District, Tianjin, China Tianjin, 300300
Jia Hang Hotel Tianjin Huashuo Map
36 $
Tianjin Bindao Business Hotel recommended
No.2888 Hebei Road Tianjin, 300451
Tianjin Bindao Business Hotel Map
38 $
Super 8 Hotel Tianjin Guomin recommended
58 Chifeng Road Tianjin Municipality, 300171
Super 8 Hotel Tianjin Guomin Map
44 $
GreenTree Inn Tianjin Guwenhua Street recommended
The 5th floor, No.55 Tongbei Road
GreenTree Inn Tianjin Guwenhua Street Map
49 $
Tianjin Huigao Garden Hotel recommended
No. 1 Zeng 236 Baiti Road Nankai District Tianjin
Tianjin Huigao Garden Hotel Map
60 $
Ocean Hotel Tianjin recommended
NO.5 ocean square 300010
Ocean Hotel Tianjin Map
61 $
Tianjin Junhui Jianguo Hotel recommended
No.88 Xuefuroad Dagang 300270
Tianjin Junhui Jianguo Hotel Map
70 $
Modena Heping Tianjin Hotel recommended
No. 37 Xining Road
Modena Heping Tianjin Hotel Map
78 $
Tianjin ZAIA Spa & Hotel recommended
Cross of Jintang Road and Longtan Road Tianjin, 300000
Tianjin ZAIA Spa & Hotel Map
85 $
Ruiwan New Century Hotel Tianjin recommended
No. 2527 No. 1 Road New Port Tanggu District 300456
Ruiwan New Century Hotel Tianjin Map
88 $
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Tianjin recommended
66 Xinkai Road, Hedong District, Tianjin Tianjin Municipality, 300011
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Tianjin Map
89 $
Ariva Binhai Serviced Apartment recommended
No.35 Zijinshan Road Tianjin, 300074
Ariva Binhai Serviced Apartment Map
91 $
Grand View Hotel Tianjin recommended
No.235 Guangdong Road 300210
Grand View Hotel Tianjin Map
93 $
Nikko Hotel Tianjin recommended
189 Nanjing Rd., Heping District
Nikko Hotel Tianjin Map
97 $
Somerset Youyi Tianjin Hotel recommended
No. 35 Youyi Road 300201
Somerset Youyi Tianjin Hotel Map
98 $
Starway Hotel Rome Garden Tianjin recommended
No. 221 Yongan Road 300204
Starway Hotel Rome Garden Tianjin Map
99 $
Tianjin Saixiang Hotel recommended
No. 8, Meiyuan Road, Huayuan Industrial Zone 300384
Tianjin Saixiang Hotel Map
108 $
Wanda Vista Tianjin Hotel recommended
No.486, Dazhigu, Hedong District Tianjin, 300170
Wanda Vista Tianjin Hotel Map
113 $
Shangri-La Hotel Tianjin recommended
No.328 Haihe East Road Hedong District Tianjin, 300019
Shangri-La Hotel Tianjin Map
113 $
Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel recommended
105 Jianshe Road Heping District 300042
Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel Map
116 $
The Astor Hotel A Luxury Collection Hotel recommended
33 Taier Zhuang Road, Heping District 300040
The Astor Hotel A Luxury Collection Hotel Map
118 $
A Hotel Tianjin recommended
C Zone, Olympic Center, No.90 South Weijin Road
A Hotel Tianjin Map
119 $
Tangla Hotel Tianjin recommended
No.219 Nanjing Road, Heping District 300051
Tangla Hotel Tianjin Map
126 $
Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel recommended
16 Bin Shui Road, He Xi District
Renaissance Tianjin Lakeview Hotel Map
143 $
The St. Regis Hotel Tianjin recommended
158 Zhangzizhong Road, Heping District 300041
The St. Regis Hotel Tianjin Map
144 $
The Westin Tianjin Hotel recommended
101 Nanjing Road
The Westin Tianjin Hotel Map
179 $
Green Tree Inn Tianjin Binjiang Avenue recommended
127 Bingjiang Avenue 300022
Green Tree Inn Tianjin Binjiang Avenue Map
186 $
Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside Hotel recommended
34 East Haihe Road Tianjin, 300010
Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside Hotel Map
188 $
Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel & Convention Centre recommended
No. 29 Second Avenue TEDA 300457
Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel & Convention Centre Map
223 $
Sheraton Tianjin Hotel recommended
Zi Jin Shan Road, He Xi District 300074
Sheraton Tianjin Hotel Map
240 $
Best Western Tianjin Byronn Hotel recommended
No. 90 Xier Road Airport Industrial Park
Best Western Tianjin Byronn Hotel Map
577 $
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