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Wenzhou Hotels

Jinjiang Inn Wenzhou Shuangyu The Terminal
No.101 Building 1 Shangyu St. Zhejiang, 325000
Jinjiang Inn Wenzhou Shuangyu The Terminal Map
29 $
Rui'an Lvzhou Hotel
No.558 Ruixiang Street Zhejiang, 325200
Rui'an Lvzhou Hotel Map
30 $
Green Tree Inn Wenzhou Xiaonanmen Express
No.82 Xiaonan Road Zhejiang, 325000
Green Tree Inn Wenzhou Xiaonanmen Express Map
31 $
Wenzhou Lucheng Hotel
No.325 Liming West Road Zhejiang, 325002
Wenzhou Lucheng Hotel Map
31 $
California Business Hotel Wenzhou
No. 218 West Yuele Street Longxia Road Ouhai District Zhejiang, 325000
California Business Hotel Wenzhou Map
34 $
Super 8 Wenzhou Xingrong
78 Wenzhou Road Zhejiang, 325000
Super 8 Wenzhou Xingrong Map
39 $
Wenzhou Tiandu Hotel
No.99 Xing Hai Road Zhejiang, 276800
Wenzhou Tiandu Hotel Map
40 $
Wenzhou Ruixing Hotel
No.271 Lucheng Road
Wenzhou Ruixing Hotel Map
41 $
Super 8 Hotel Wenzhou Wangjiang Lu
Bldg 1 Jin De Yuan Baili E Rd Zhejiang, 325000
Super 8 Hotel Wenzhou Wangjiang Lu Map
42 $
Wenzhou Jinyue Lijia Hotel
500M to the Railway Station, Wenzhou Avenue Zhejiang, 325088
Wenzhou Jinyue Lijia Hotel Map
42 $
Red Sun Hotel Wenzhou
No.1488 Wenzhou Avenue Zhejiang, 325000
Red Sun Hotel Wenzhou Map
48 $
Wenzhou Ruian Overseas Chinese Hotel
No.6 Wansong Road Zhejiang, 325299
Wenzhou Ruian Overseas Chinese Hotel Map
50 $
Wenzhou Dongou Hotel
Dongjian Building, Wenzhou Road Zhejiang, 325014
Wenzhou Dongou Hotel Map
51 $
Wenzhou Yongqiang Yuntianlou Hotel
Haibin Haixin Appartment, No.133 Ningcheng West Road Zhejiang
Wenzhou Yongqiang Yuntianlou Hotel Map
57 $
Wenzhou Pingyang International Hotel
No.1 Shifu Road Zhejiang, 325401
Wenzhou Pingyang International Hotel Map
61 $
Wenzhou Train Station Hotel
Xishou, Train Station Zhejiang, 325014
Wenzhou Train Station Hotel Map
61 $
International Wenzhou Hotel recommended
1 Renmin Zhong Road 325000
International Wenzhou Hotel Map
65 $
Wenzhou International Trade Guomao Hotel
NO.1 Liming West Road Zhejiang, 325002
Wenzhou International Trade Guomao Hotel Map
69 $
S'signaturefloor Boutique Wenzhou
NO.1 wangjiang East road Zhejiang, 325027
S'signaturefloor Boutique Wenzhou Map
70 $
Wenzhou Wanhao Hotel
Railway Station East Zhejiang
Wenzhou Wanhao Hotel Map
71 $
Wenzhou Olympic Holiday Hotel
8, Minhang Road Zhejiang
Wenzhou Olympic Holiday Hotel Map
73 $
Wenzhou Yueqing New Century Hotel
No.150 Ningkang East Road Zhejiang, 325699
Wenzhou Yueqing New Century Hotel Map
74 $
Wenzhou Treasure Island Hotel
No.3 Luohe Road Zhejiang, 325050
Wenzhou Treasure Island Hotel Map
75 $
Wenzhou New Southasia Hotel recommended
No.4 Dongyou Road Zhejiang, 325003
Wenzhou New Southasia Hotel Map
76 $
Wenzhou River View Hotel
Jiang Xi Yu west Yuan ZheJiang, 325099
Wenzhou River View Hotel Map
77 $
Wenzhou Yaoxi Dynasty Hotel recommended
Yaoxi Scenic Spot Zhejiang, 325013
Wenzhou Yaoxi Dynasty Hotel Map
89 $
Excemon Ruian Sunshine Hotel recommended
No.8 Yangguang Road, Rui An Zhejiang, 325000
Excemon Ruian Sunshine Hotel Map
93 $
Kinho Narada Hotel recommended
No.277 Qianfandonglu Zhejiang, 325600
Kinho Narada Hotel Map
93 $
Wenzhou Yueqing Jinding Hotel
No.96 Ningkang West Road Zhejiang, 325699
Wenzhou Yueqing Jinding Hotel Map
93 $
Wenzhou Victoria Grand Hotel
No.320 Maanchi East Road Zhejiang, 325028
Wenzhou Victoria Grand Hotel Map
94 $
Golden Coast New Century Resort Wenzhou recommended
NO.288 Sanpandao Yangang Road Zhejiang, 325700
Golden Coast New Century Resort Wenzhou Map
96 $
Ex Palm D'or Hotel recommended
No.23, Minhang Road 325000
Ex Palm D'or Hotel Map
98 $
Wenzhou Yueqing New Joyful Hotel recommended
NO.777 Liuqing South Road Zhejiang, 325604
Wenzhou Yueqing New Joyful Hotel Map
98 $
Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel recommended
No. 2 Min Hang Road
Wenzhou Dynasty Hotel Map
100 $
Wenzhou Yuntianlou Milan International Hotel recommended
Building A Tian Li Jia Yuan, Nanpu Road Zhejiang, 325088
Wenzhou Yuntianlou Milan International Hotel Map
103 $
Wenzhou Xingxin Bay Hotel
No.66 PuJiang Road Zhejiang, 325011
Wenzhou Xingxin Bay Hotel Map
112 $
Onehome H.S. Art Hotel Wenzhou recommended
1 Jiangbin East Road 325000
Onehome H.S. Art Hotel Wenzhou Map
125 $
Wenzhou Jinou Hotel
NO.29 Guojing Gonglu Zhejiang, 325005
Wenzhou Jinou Hotel Map
133 $
Shangri-La Hotel Wenzhou recommended
1 Xiangyuan Road 325000
Shangri-La Hotel Wenzhou Map
139 $
Wenzhou Taishun Spring Resort
Meilin Village Yayang Town Zhejiang, 325506
Wenzhou Taishun Spring Resort Map
146 $
Wenzhou Garden Hotel
No. 96 middle Liming Road Lucheng District Zhejiang, 325000
Wenzhou Garden Hotel Map
158 $
Wenzhou Quintessence Century Hotel
Xianqian Road Zhejiang, 325199
Wenzhou Quintessence Century Hotel Map
170 $
Wenzhou Chengtian Resort & Spa
Radon Spring Resort of Yayang Town Zhejiang, 325506
Wenzhou Chengtian Resort & Spa Map
172 $
Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel Zhejiang recommended
292 Chezhan Avenue 325000
Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel Zhejiang Map
180 $
Wenzhou Jinqiu Guohao Hotel
No.118 Lucheng Road Zhejiang, 325000
Wenzhou Jinqiu Guohao Hotel Map
188 $
Remarks: Prices may alter, please check before booking, thanks.
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