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Recommended Xiamen Hotels

Xiamen Play House recommended
NO.35 Xincun Yundingsouth Road Fujian, 361003
Xiamen Play House Map
8 $
Xiamen Gulangyu Chhit Tho Family Hotel recommended
No.320, Neicuoao Road Fujian, 361000
Xiamen Gulangyu Chhit Tho Family Hotel Map
26 $
Xiamen Zengcuoan Hai Lan Wan Hostel recommended
No.78, Zengcuo An, Huandao Road Fujian, 361004
Xiamen Zengcuoan Hai Lan Wan Hostel Map
26 $
Home Inn Xiamen Jimei University Branch recommended
No.26 Yinting Road Fujian, 361021
Home Inn Xiamen Jimei University Branch Map
26 $
Xiamen Zengcuoan Sea House Cafe Hostel recommended
No.15, Zengcuoan, Huandao Road Fujian, 361001
Xiamen Zengcuoan Sea House Cafe Hostel Map
28 $
Xiamen Wall Inn recommended
No.142 Tatou, HuandaoRoad Fujian, 361005
Xiamen Wall Inn Map
29 $
Xiamen Meiyu Inn recommended
No.4, Yuchao Lane Fujian, 361003
Xiamen Meiyu Inn Map
29 $
Xiamen Diffuse Sea Inn recommended
No.313, Zengcuoan Fujian, 361005
Xiamen Diffuse Sea Inn Map
31 $
Xiamen Small Times Inn recommended
No.7, Huandao Road Tatou Fujian, 361000
Xiamen Small Times Inn Map
36 $
Xiamen Xiangsishu Inn recommended
No54 Huangcuo she Huandao Road Fujian
Xiamen Xiangsishu Inn Map
37 $
Xiamen Weiyi Inn recommended
No.301, Zengcuoan Fujian, 361005
Xiamen Weiyi Inn Map
41 $
Xiamen Poem Life Hostel recommended
184, Zengcuoan She, South Huandao Road Fujian, 361005
Xiamen Poem Life Hostel Map
42 $
Xiamen Gulangyu Mountain & Sea Inn recommended
No.114 Fuzhou Road Fujian, 361002
Xiamen Gulangyu Mountain & Sea Inn Map
45 $
Xiamen Gulangyu Sunshine Dora's House recommended
No50-54, Huangyan Road, Gulangyu Fujian, 361001
Xiamen Gulangyu Sunshine Dora's House Map
53 $
Xiamen Golden Bridge Hotel recommended
No.101 Jinqiao Road Fujian, 361012
Xiamen Golden Bridge Hotel Map
60 $
Xiamen Gulangyu Conch Leyo Inn recommended
No.86 Fuxing Road Fujian, 361002
Xiamen Gulangyu Conch Leyo Inn Map
65 $
Xiamen Gulangyu No.1 Qishan Villa recommended
No.1 Qishan Road Gulangyu Fujian, 361002
Xiamen Gulangyu No.1 Qishan Villa Map
77 $
Xiamen Bestel Hotel recommended
Nanzhong plaza, SimingWest Road, Siming District Fujian, 361000
Xiamen Bestel Hotel Map
78 $
Xiamen More Inn recommended
No.221 Zengcuoan Huandao Road Fujian, 361000
Xiamen More Inn Map
79 $
Tegoo Hotel recommended
The First Square East Block Fujian Province, 361001
Tegoo Hotel Map
83 $
The Inn of Sky-blue Bay recommended
No.13 Huangcuo Xitouxi, Tanwan Minshu Village, South Huandao Road Fujian, 361000
The Inn of Sky-blue Bay Map
88 $
C&D Hotel Xiamen recommended
No.101 Yuehua Road Fujian, 361006
C&D Hotel Xiamen Map
90 $
City Hotel Xiamen recommended
No 16, Hu Yuan Road, Siming District Fujian, 361003
City Hotel Xiamen Map
98 $
Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen recommended
No. 12-8 Zhen Hai Road 361001
Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen Map
103 $
Xiamen Jingmin North Bay Hotel recommended
No.210 Jiyuan Road Fujian, 361021
Xiamen Jingmin North Bay Hotel Map
109 $
Xiamen Gulang Bay Hotel recommended
No.99 East Binhu Road Fujian, 361022
Xiamen Gulang Bay Hotel Map
109 $
Pan Pacific Xiamen Hotel recommended
19 Hubin Bei Road Fujian Province 361012
Pan Pacific Xiamen Hotel Map
110 $
Xiamen Gulangyu Judy's Inn recommended
No.193, Neicuoao Road, Gulangyu Fujian, 361002
Xiamen Gulangyu Judy's Inn Map
114 $
Xiamen Royal Victoria Hotel recommended
#6699 South Around Island Road Fujian, 361005
Xiamen Royal Victoria Hotel Map
120 $
Marco Polo Xiamen Hotel recommended
8 Jianye Road Hubin Bei
Marco Polo Xiamen Hotel Map
122 $
Swiss International Hotel Xiamen recommended
No.12 Lu Jiang Dao Fujian, 361001
Swiss International Hotel Xiamen Map
129 $
Seaview Resort Xiamen recommended
No.3999 The South Ring Road Siming District
Seaview Resort Xiamen Map
131 $
Peony International Hotel recommended
No.568, West LianQian Road Fujian, 361008
Peony International Hotel Map
137 $
Sheraton Xiamen Hotel recommended
No.386-1 Jiahe Road Fujian, 361009
Sheraton Xiamen Hotel Map
143 $
Xiamen Hotel WIND recommended
Yunyue Building, Huandao Avenue, Huangcuo Part Fujian, 361000
Xiamen Hotel WIND Map
144 $
Xiamen Gulangyu North Island Hotel recommended
No.461, Neicuoao Fujian, 361000
Xiamen Gulangyu North Island Hotel Map
147 $
Xiamen Lujiang Harbourview Hotel recommended
No.54 Lujiang Avenue Fujian, 361001
Xiamen Lujiang Harbourview Hotel Map
150 $
Kempinski Hotel Xiamen recommended
No.98 Hubin Middle Road Fujian, 361004
Kempinski Hotel Xiamen Map
155 $
The Westin Xiamen Hotel recommended
No. 398 Xianyue Road, Fujian 361012
The Westin Xiamen Hotel Map
155 $
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