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Recommended Xian Hotels

Xian Green Forest Hostel recommended
NO.9, Beiguanzheng Street, 4F Shaanxi, 710014
Xian Green Forest Hostel Map
7 $
Xian Alley Youth Hostel recommended
No.33, Lane South West Wharf, Temple Backstreet Shaanxi, 710002
Xian Alley Youth Hostel Map
7 $
Xian Han Tang House recommended
No.32 Nan Chang Alley XinCheng Square Shaanxi, 710000
Xian Han Tang House Map
7 $
Xian PAPA'S Hostel recommended
No.1-1-201, Chengxirenjia, No.61, Laodong North Road Shaanxi, 710082
Xian PAPA'S Hostel Map
9 $
Xian Capsule Yanta Branch Hotel recommended
4f-b1, Cuihua Building, Cuihua North Road Shaanxi, 710043
Xian Capsule Yanta Branch Hotel Map
10 $
Xian Ancient City Youth Hostel recommended
West South Conner of North Avenue and Lianhu Road Shaanxi, 710000
Xian Ancient City Youth Hostel Map
10 $
Xian Rest Inn Woaiwojia recommended
No.229 Dianzizhengjie Shaanxi, 710065
Xian Rest Inn Woaiwojia Map
21 $
Xian Rest Inn Wanda Plaza recommended
Building 1, Wangda Square, No.8, Yanta Road North Part Shaanxi, 710000
Xian Rest Inn Wanda Plaza Map
22 $
Xian Ibis Hotel recommended
No.59 Hepeng Road Shanxi, 710001
Xian Ibis Hotel Map
23 $
Super 8 Hotel Xian Zhongshanmen recommended
63 Mid Section Huancheng E Rd Shanxi Province, 710005
Super 8 Hotel Xian Zhongshanmen Map
24 $
Xian 7 Sages Youth Hostel International recommended
North Courtyard of No.2 Qixianzhuang Shanxi, 710004
Xian 7 Sages Youth Hostel International Map
29 $
Xian Jingyu Business Hotel recommended
No.444, North Street Shaanxi, 710003
Xian Jingyu Business Hotel Map
30 $
Xian Morning Coast Hotel recommended
No.12 Xisan Road Shaanxi, 710004
Xian Morning Coast Hotel Map
30 $
Jin Jiang Inn Gao Xin Qu Dian Zi Cheng Dian recommended
No.82, Second Dianzi Road 710065
Jin Jiang Inn Gao Xin Qu Dian Zi Cheng Dian Map
31 $
Xian Hanguang Joy Hotel recommended
NO.147 Qing Nian Road Shaanxi
Xian Hanguang Joy Hotel Map
31 $
Xian Xingzhengyuan International Hotel recommended
Luomashi Shangye Street Shaanxi
Xian Xingzhengyuan International Hotel Map
32 $
Xian Katie Eastman Hotel recommended
No. 88 North Street 2 Mansion Street East Gate Xihua, Shaanxi Shaanxi, 710003
Xian Katie Eastman Hotel Map
32 $
Xian High-tech Apartment Hotel recommended
High-tech Zone of High Road 60 Shanxi, 710068
Xian High-tech Apartment Hotel Map
34 $
Xian Fortune Hotel recommended
No.181 dongguan main street Shaanxi, 710048
Xian Fortune Hotel Map
39 $
Xian Ancient City Yi Jia Inn recommended
west part of Shun Cheng South Alley 50 meters, Nan Men Li Shaanxi
Xian Ancient City Yi Jia Inn Map
39 $
Atour Hotel Xian Yanta Branch recommended
No.1 Middle Yanta Road Shaanxi, 710054
Atour Hotel Xian Yanta Branch Map
45 $
Xian Qimei Business Hotel recommended
60 West Qujiangchi Road Shaanxi, 710061
Xian Qimei Business Hotel Map
47 $
Xian Yi Jing Garden Hotel recommended
West 200 meters from North Gate, Fengqing Garden Shaanxi, 710077
Xian Yi Jing Garden Hotel Map
49 $
Yitel Hotel Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda recommended
2089, West Cien Road Shaanxi, 710000
Yitel Hotel Xian Big Wild Goose Pagoda Map
51 $
Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi'an recommended
No.159 Xingqing Road, Beilin District Shaanxi, 710049
Citadines Xingqing Palace Xi'an Map
51 $
Atour Hotel Xian Gaoxin Branch recommended
Block A, Haixing City Square, 37, Keji Road Shaanxi, 710077
Atour Hotel Xian Gaoxin Branch Map
56 $
Xian Hotel New recommended
No.60 Gaoxin Road Shaanxi
Xian Hotel New Map
57 $
Xian Jiayi Liyuan Hotel recommended
No.51, Southern Section Of Yan Ta Road Shaanxi, 710054
Xian Jiayi Liyuan Hotel Map
58 $
Bell Tower Hotel recommended
No.110 South Avenue, Beilin District 710001
Bell Tower Hotel Map
62 $
Empark Grand Hotel recommended
19 Jiangong Roda, Easr Hi-tech Industries Development Zone 710043
Empark Grand Hotel Map
65 $
Ramada Xi'an Bell Tower recommended
No.79, Beidajie Street Shaanxi Province
Ramada Xi'an Bell Tower Map
70 $
Xian Grand Noble Hotel recommended
334 Main Street East
Xian Grand Noble Hotel Map
70 $
Grand Mercure Xian on Renmin Square recommended
319 Dong Xin Street, Shaanxi Province 710004
Grand Mercure Xian on Renmin Square Map
85 $
Xian Grand Soluxe International Hotel recommended
No.177 Jiefang Road Shanxi, 710000
Xian Grand Soluxe International Hotel Map
86 $
Xian Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel recommended
No.6-1 FuRong Eest Road Will goess Poguda of QuJiang 710061
Xian Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel Map
111 $
Hilton Xi'an recommended
No 199 Dondxin Road Xincheng District
Hilton Xi'an Map
120 $
Xian Swisstouches Hotel recommended
22 Feng Hui South Road, Gao Xin District 710075
Xian Swisstouches Hotel Map
139 $
Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square recommended
319 Dongxin Street 710004
Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square Map
152 $
The Westin Xian Hotel recommended
66 Ci En Road, Qu Jiang New District, Xian, Shaanxi 710061
The Westin Xian Hotel Map
160 $
Shangri-la Hotel Xian recommended
38B Keji Road 710075
Shangri-la Hotel Xian Map
192 $
Sofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel Xian recommended
319 Dong Xin Street Shaanxi, 710004
Sofitel Legend Peoples Grand Hotel Xian Map
405 $
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