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Recommended Yangshuo Hotels

Greenforest Hostel recommended
Building3, No.110, Chengzhongcheng A Disctric, Diecui Road Guangxi, 541999
Greenforest Hostel Map
7 $
Yangshuo HLgarden Resort recommended
Shili Hualang, Kangzhan Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo HLgarden Resort Map
8 $
Yangshuo Infinite Inn recommended
No.37 Xiangshui Guangxi
Yangshuo Infinite Inn Map
12 $
Yangshuo Arcadia Youth Hostel recommended
No.27-1 Chuanyan Village Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Arcadia Youth Hostel Map
13 $
Yangshuo Valleluna Hotel recommended
Yueluowan Village, GaoTian, Yangshuo, GuangXi Guangxi, 541907
Yangshuo Valleluna Hotel Map
16 $
Yangshuo Wen Wu Xuan Hotel recommended
No.17 Xiangshui Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Wen Wu Xuan Hotel Map
19 $
Yangshuo Peaceful Valley Retreat Hotel recommended
16, Huangnihan, Shilihualang Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Peaceful Valley Retreat Hotel Map
21 $
Yangshuo Huanggong Garden Hotel recommended
Yangshuo Jima Village Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Huanggong Garden Hotel Map
21 $
Yangshuo Dozycat Youth Hostel recommended
No.16 Chengbei Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Dozycat Youth Hostel Map
21 $
Yangshuo Art Gallery Hotel recommended
No.8, Jima Village Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Art Gallery Hotel Map
21 $
Tiffany Hostel recommended
No.4 Jiangjun Road Guangxi, 541900
Tiffany Hostel Map
23 $
Spring Flowers Blossoming Hotel recommended
No.46 Lianfeng Alley Guangxi, 541900
Spring Flowers Blossoming Hotel Map
23 $
Yangshuo Lucy Hotel recommended
No.39, Kangzhan Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Lucy Hotel Map
26 $
Yangshuo River View Hotel recommended
No.11 Binjiang Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo River View Hotel Map
28 $
Yangshuo Junlin Hotel recommended
No.153-154 Fengming Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Junlin Hotel Map
32 $
Leisure Inn Yangshuo recommended
Building B No.17 Diecui Road Yunnan, 541900
Leisure Inn Yangshuo Map
35 $
Yangshuo Culture House recommended
No.110, Beisan Lane, Chengxi Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Culture House Map
36 $
Yangshuo Bethlehem Hotel recommended
Xinglong Cun Guangxi, 541901
Yangshuo Bethlehem Hotel Map
36 $
Yangshuo Puyueju Inn recommended
No.98, Licun, Yueliangshan Scenic Spot Guangxi, 571900
Yangshuo Puyueju Inn Map
37 $
Yangshuo Xingping Our Inn recommended
Dahebei Village, Xingping Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Xingping Our Inn Map
37 $
Michael's Inn & Suites Yangshuo recommended
No.76, Shima Road Guangxi, 541900
Michael's Inn & Suites Yangshuo Map
40 $
Ai Yuan Hotel recommended
No.115 West Street 541900
Ai Yuan Hotel Map
45 $
Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel recommended
No. 7 Die Cui Road 541900
Yangshuo Magnolia Hotel Map
46 $
Yangshuo Rosewood Hotel recommended
No.83 West Street Guangxi
Yangshuo Rosewood Hotel Map
47 $
Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel recommended
Ji Wo Du Village, Banyan Tree Scenery Zone 541900
Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel Map
49 $
Yangshuo Li River Retreat recommended
1 Shuangtan Village Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Li River Retreat Map
52 $
Yangshuo Dragon River Retreat Hotel recommended
Yulong River, Gaotian 541907
Yangshuo Dragon River Retreat Hotel Map
53 $
Yangshuo Blue Mountain Inn recommended
Yulongheban Gaotianzhen Guangxi
Yangshuo Blue Mountain Inn Map
55 $
Yangshuo Village Inn recommended
Moon Hill Village, Gaotian 541907
Yangshuo Village Inn Map
55 $
Yangshuo Dragon Riverside Village Villa recommended
No. 61 Longyanmen Town Guangxi, 541901
Yangshuo Dragon Riverside Village Villa Map
57 $
Yangshuo Village Retreat recommended
Shi Ban Qiao, 28, Guilin Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Village Retreat Map
57 $
Yangshuo Camellia Resort recommended
Ji Wo Du Village, Big Banyan Tree Scenery Zone, Yangshuo County Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Camellia Resort Map
62 $
Bamboo House Resort recommended
No. 10, Chengzhong Road 541900
Bamboo House Resort Map
62 $
Yangshuo Fairyland Inns recommended
Dongling Resort, Dongling Road (Opposite the Dongling Gas Station) 541900
Yangshuo Fairyland Inns Map
62 $
Yangshuo Xingping Greenland Inn recommended
Da He Bei Village Guangxi, 541004
Yangshuo Xingping Greenland Inn Map
65 $
Yangshuo C.Source West Street Residence recommended
NO.79 West Street Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo C.Source West Street Residence Map
65 $
Yangshuo CTN Li River Hotel recommended
No.8 Egendi Road, Xingpin Town(Near Chaobanshan Pier) Guangxi, 541906
Yangshuo CTN Li River Hotel Map
70 $
Yangshuo Elite Garden Hotel recommended
No.51 Pantao Road Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Elite Garden Hotel Map
73 $
Yangshuo Secret Garden recommended
Jiuxian Village, Baisha Town Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Secret Garden Map
75 $
Yangshuo Tea Cozy Hotel recommended
No.212 Xiatang Village, Baisha Town Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Tea Cozy Hotel Map
78 $
Yangshuo China Town Hotel recommended
No. 30, Guanlian Road Guangxi, 541999
Yangshuo China Town Hotel Map
84 $
Yangshuo Moondance Hotel recommended
No.1 Fenglou Village Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Moondance Hotel Map
101 $
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat recommended
Wang Gong Shan Jiao, Feng Lou Cun Wei, Gaotian Zhen Guangxi, 541907
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Map
105 $
Yangshuo Lee's Country Inn recommended
27 Zhudouzhai, Gaotian Guangxi, 541900
Yangshuo Lee's Country Inn Map
108 $
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