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Recommended Yiwu Hotels

Yiwu Jingshan Business Hotel
No.1 of Building 10, 4th Futian District, North Gongren Road Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Jingshan Business Hotel Map
21 $
Yiwu Holiday Star Hotel recommended
No.333 Jiangbin West Road Zhejiang, 322099
Yiwu Holiday Star Hotel Map
24 $
Yiwu Mango Hotel recommended
Unit 9, Building 9, Yinhai 1st Area, Gongren North Road Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Mango Hotel Map
24 $
GreenTree Inn Yiwu International Trade Center
No. 1269 North Gongren Road Zhejiang, 322000
GreenTree Inn Yiwu International Trade Center Map
24 $
Yiwu YaYuan Hotel recommended
NO.1108 Gongren North Road Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu YaYuan Hotel Map
26 $
Yiwu Chuxin Hotel recommended
Workers north road no. 1150 Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Chuxin Hotel Map
26 $
Yiwu Hiyat Hotel recommended
No.368 Chengbei road Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Hiyat Hotel Map
26 $
Yiwu Landi Hotel
No.987 Gongren North Road, Choucheng Street Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Landi Hotel Map
26 $
Yiwu Baijing Hotel
No.3 Culture Market 12 Street Zhejiang, 323000
Yiwu Baijing Hotel Map
26 $
Yiwu Ou Jiang Hotel
288 Zongze Rd Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Ou Jiang Hotel Map
26 $
Yiwu Wei Si Ting Hotel
No.181 Shangcheng Street Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Wei Si Ting Hotel Map
27 $
Feixiang Fashion Hotel recommended
Block 5, Yinhai Yi District Zhejiang, 322001
Feixiang Fashion Hotel Map
30 $
Ginza Business Hotel recommended
No.355 Yinhai Road Zhejiang, 322001
Ginza Business Hotel Map
30 $
Yiwu Guomao Hotel recommended
NO.855 Chouzhou North Road Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Guomao Hotel Map
31 $
Yiwu Venus Cidu Hotel recommended
No.101 Changchunba Street Zhejiang
Yiwu Venus Cidu Hotel Map
32 $
Yiwu Ling Shang Hotel recommended
NO.1090 Gongren North Road of Chou Town Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Ling Shang Hotel Map
32 $
Yiwu European Style Hotel
Building 15, Futian Fuorth Area Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu European Style Hotel Map
32 $
Ejon Impression Hotel
No.797 North Hou Zhou Road Zhejiang, 322000
Ejon Impression Hotel Map
32 $
Yiwu Wan Zi Hotel
Building 8, Yinhai First Community Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Wan Zi Hotel Map
33 $
Yiwu Jiashidun Hotel
NO.1007 Gongren North Road Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Jiashidun Hotel Map
34 $
Yiwu Lvgu Hotel recommended
No. 1211 Gongren North Road Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Lvgu Hotel Map
35 $
Yiwu Atlanta Regal Hotel recommended
No.248 Huangyuan Road Zhejiang, 322099
Yiwu Atlanta Regal Hotel Map
43 $
Yiwu Friend Hotel
No.115.gongren North Road, Block 9 Changchun Street 322000
Yiwu Friend Hotel Map
44 $
Bali Yating Hotel recommended
No.1159 Gongren North Road Zhejiang, 322000
Bali Yating Hotel Map
45 $
Yiwu Meisen Hotel recommended
No.236 Huagong Road Zhejiang, 322099
Yiwu Meisen Hotel Map
45 $
Yiwu Budgetel Huadu Hotel recommended
No 155 Gong Ren West Road 322000
Yiwu Budgetel Huadu Hotel Map
46 $
Yiwu Hotel recommended
103 Bin Wang Road 322000
Yiwu Hotel Map
49 $
Yiwu International Mansion Hotel recommended
No.218 Binwang Road Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu International Mansion Hotel Map
49 $
Yiwu Byland World Hotel recommended
No.456 Zongze Road Zhejiang, 322001
Yiwu Byland World Hotel Map
49 $
Yiwu Wendemu Hotel recommended
Crossing of Gong Ren North Road and Yin Hai Road Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Wendemu Hotel Map
50 $
Yiwu Yimei Plaza Hotel recommended
No.128 Chengzhong Middle Road Zhejiang
Yiwu Yimei Plaza Hotel Map
50 $
Yiwu SSAW Hotel Hua Feng recommended
No.2, Airport Road, Zhejiang 322000
Yiwu SSAW Hotel Hua Feng Map
52 $
Yiwu Omeiga Legend Hotel recommended
No.282, North Rd. Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Omeiga Legend Hotel Map
53 $
SSAW Hotel Yiwu recommended
138 Chouzhou West Road 322000
SSAW Hotel Yiwu Map
54 $
Quintessence Kaixin Hotel recommended
No.217 Binwang Road Zhejiang, 322000
Quintessence Kaixin Hotel Map
57 $
Yihe Hotel recommended
2 Gongren Road
Yihe Hotel Map
62 $
Ramada Plaza Zhijiang Hotel recommended
No.9, Chengzhong North Road Zhejiang, 322000
Ramada Plaza Zhijiang Hotel Map
63 $
Yiwu Hyde Jianguo Hotel recommended
No.601, World Trade Avenue, Dongyang County
Yiwu Hyde Jianguo Hotel Map
65 $
Yiwu Bali Plaza Hotel recommended
No.138 Chengzhong Middle Road 322000
Yiwu Bali Plaza Hotel Map
66 $
Yindu Hotel recommended
168 Binwang Road 322000
Yindu Hotel Map
68 $
Yiwu Morgan International Hotel
No.1688 North Chouzhou Road Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Morgan International Hotel Map
68 $
Kingdom Narada Grand Hotel Yiwu recommended
168 Middle Cheng Zhong Road 322000
Kingdom Narada Grand Hotel Yiwu Map
73 $
Your World International Conference Centre recommended
No.100 XingFu Lake Road Zhejiang, 322008
Your World International Conference Centre Map
101 $
Yiwu Shinsun International Hotel recommended
No.148 Jiangbin West Road Zhejiang, 322000
Yiwu Shinsun International Hotel Map
350 $
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