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Recommended Zhengzhou Hotels

zhengzhou Capsule Hotel recommended
No.50, Dong Tai Kang Road. Henan, 450099
Near Center
14 $
Dengfeng Climb International Youth Hostel recommended
Songyang North Road Henan, 452470
20 $
Zhengzhou Milan Hotel
West Fengchan Road, Garden Road Henan, 450002
Zhengzhou City Center
20 $
Kunlunleju Inn Zhengzhou Huanghe Road
No.36 Huanghe Road Henan
Zhengzhou City Center
22 $
Zhengzhou Jiayuan Art Hotel
No.53 Huayuan Rd Henan Province, 450003
Zhengzhou City Center
23 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Jingqi Road recommended
No.21 Jingqi Road Henan, 450002
Zhengzhou City Center
24 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Wenhua Rd recommended
No.78 Wenhua Rd., Jinshui District 450002
Zhengzhou Airport Area
24 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Dashiqiao
No.9 Nanyang Road, Jinshui District 450053
Zhengzhou City Center
28 $
Motel168 Erqi Square
Xikou West Street Henan, 450000
Near Center
29 $
Kunlunleju Inn Zhengzhou Huayuan Road recommended
No.61 Huayuan Road Henan
Zhengzhou City Center
31 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Railway Station Branch recommended
No.77, Erma Road, Erqi District Henan, 450099
Near Center
31 $
Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple Kungfu Hostel recommended
No.20 Wangzhigou village Henan, 452470
32 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Chengdong Rd
No.96 Chengdong Rd., Guancheng 450004
33 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Road
No.197 Zhongyuan Rd. Henan, 450007
33 $
Zhengzhou East Milan Hotel
No.13 Tianlun Road Henan, 450003
38 $
Zhengzhou Xile Yijia Fashion Boutique Hotel
North Side of Road, 50m from Intersection of Weiwu Road and Jingliu Road Henan, 450000
Zhengzhou City Center
45 $
Smart Hotel Zhengzhou ErQi recommended
Building C Wanda Plaza, No. 8 South Daxue Road Henan, 450000
Zhengzhou Hospital Area
49 $
Aloft Zhengzhou Shangjie Hotel
Shangjie Henan, 450041
49 $
Zhengzhou Airport Hotel
No.1 Yingbin Road, International Airport Henan, 451161
53 $
Ramada Plaza Zhengzhou
No.11 Weisan Road, Jinshui District Henan Province, 450003
Zhengzhou City Center
57 $
Dahe International Hotel recommended
166 Economic and Technical Development Zone 450048
61 $
Zhengzhou Zhengfei International Hotel recommended
Middle Section of Third South Ring Henan, 450000
Zhengzhou Hospital Area
69 $
Guang Dong Hotel Zhengzhou recommended
No. 5 Dehua Street, Erqi District
Near Center
71 $
Zhengzhou Shijixing Aishang Hotel recommended
Zhengbian Road Henan, 450000
Community Area
75 $
Aloft Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District
No.49, East Jin Shui Road Henan, 450046
80 $
Dengfeng Chanwu Hotel
Epoling, Dayu Road, Dengfeng Henan, 452470
81 $
Henan Sky-Land GDH Hotel
No.41 Nongye Road Henan, 450008
Zhengzhou City Center
82 $
Novotel Zhengzhou Convention Centre Hotel recommended
Block 17A Graham Building CBD Outer Ring RD 450008
84 $
Zhengzhou Swan City International Hotel
The Crossing of Shangding Road and Kangping Road Henan, 450017
98 $
Zhengzhou Kaifu Jian Guo Hotel recommended
No.1 Yingbin Avenue, Xinzheng Airport Henan, 450048
101 $
Jianguo Hotel Zhengzhou recommended
No.86 Jinshui Road Henan, 450012
Zhengzhou City Center
104 $
Zhengzhou Yiquan International Hotel
No.1, Tong Tai Road Henan, 450000
104 $
Henan Hairong Hotel recommended
Crossroad of Minsheng Road and Zhengguang Road, Zhengdong New District Henan, 450018
Community Area
113 $
Zheng Fang Yuan Jin Jiang International Hotel recommended
No.86 Huanghe Road Henan, 450046
Community Area
116 $
Hilton Zhengzhou recommended
No. 288 Jinshui Road Henan, 450008
120 $
Le Meridien Zhengzhou recommended
No.1188, Zhongzhou Blvd, Jinshui District Henan, 450045
130 $
Sofitel Zhengzhou Hotel
289 Chengdong Road
Zhengzhou City Center
144 $
Noble International Hotel Zhengzhou
No.21, East Jin Shui Road Henan, 450018
Community Area
147 $
JW Marriott Hotel Zhengzhou recommended
Millennium Royal Plaza No 2 Central Business District Zhengdong New District Henan Henan, 450018
207 $
Zhengzhou Yuda Palace Hotel recommended
No.220 Zhongyuan Zhong Road Henan, 450007
227 $
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