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Recommended Zhuhai Hotels

Journey House
Zhuhai Xiangzhou QinglvnanRoad 158, Bld 2 Section 5 Apt 1402 Guangdong, 519000
Journey House Map
9 $
Zhuhai Ten Villa Hostel recommended
10 Silver Sea Village, No.94 Shuiwan Road Guangdong, 519018
Zhuhai Ten Villa Hostel Map
11 $
Supercool Hostel recommended
Room 1501, Block 5, Yingbin Plaza, South Yingbin Road Guangdong, 519000
Supercool Hostel Map
12 $
Home Inn Jida Branch recommended
58 Shihua East Road, Jida District, Zhuhai Guangdong, 519015
Home Inn Jida Branch Map
24 $
Tengda Residence
Block 4, 12 Qinghua Street, Cuifu Road Guangdong, 519000
Tengda Residence Map
25 $
Home Inn Zhuhai Jida
No 36, Jingle Road
Home Inn Zhuhai Jida Map
25 $
Green Tree Alliance Zhuhai Lover Road Jingshan Park Hotel recommended
No.10, North Haibin Road, Xiangzhou District
Green Tree Alliance Zhuhai Lover Road Jingshan Park Hotel Map
26 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhuhai Xiangzhou Lovers Rd recommended
No.175 Phoenix Rd, Xiangzhou District 519015
Jinjiang Inn Zhuhai Xiangzhou Lovers Rd Map
27 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhuhai Jida Jiuzhou Ave recommended
No.6 Shihua Alley Jiuzhou Boulevard 519015
Jinjiang Inn Zhuhai Jida Jiuzhou Ave Map
29 $
Hanting Express Hotel Zhuhai Gongbei Jiuzhou Avenue
No.3131 Jiuzhou Avenue West, Xiangzhou District
Hanting Express Hotel Zhuhai Gongbei Jiuzhou Avenue Map
29 $
7 Days Inn Gongbei Port Shop
No.88 South Guihua Road Guangdong, 519000
7 Days Inn Gongbei Port Shop Map
31 $
Jinjiang Inn Zhuhai Gongbei
Shihua West Road and Jianye Wu Road Guangdong
Jinjiang Inn Zhuhai Gongbei Map
36 $
Xue Yuan Hotel recommended
276 Meihua Road East Guangdong, 519000
Xue Yuan Hotel Map
38 $
Jiali Wan Hao Hotel Zhuhai
No. 1039 Yuehai Road Center, Gongbei 519020
Jiali Wan Hao Hotel Zhuhai Map
39 $
Enjoy Coast Hotel recommended
Gongbei Shuiwan Road No.225 Guangdong, 519020
Enjoy Coast Hotel Map
39 $
L Hotel - Lotus Road Branch recommended
No.56-58 Lotus Road, Gongbei
L Hotel - Lotus Road Branch Map
42 $
TIBET Hotel Zhuhai
No.166 Meihua Westroad Guangdong, 519000
TIBET Hotel Zhuhai Map
48 $
City Inn Gongbei Zhuhai
No.120 Guihua Road South Gongbei 519000
City Inn Gongbei Zhuhai Map
49 $
Grand nest HOTEL recommended
No.11, Tangqi Road, Tangjia Wan, Xiangzhou District Guangdong, 519000
Grand nest HOTEL Map
49 $
Lavande Hotel recommended
1155 South Yingbin Road Guangdong, 519020
Lavande Hotel Map
50 $
Catic Hotel
No.1197 Jiuzhou Bloulevard East 519015
Catic Hotel Map
51 $
Yijian Holiday Hotel recommended
No.29 Zhuping Road, Xiawan, Gongbei
Yijian Holiday Hotel Map
52 $
Zhuhai Dehan Hotel
No.2 Jida Road
Zhuhai Dehan Hotel Map
54 $
Catering Hotel recommended
2273 Xidi Road, Jingan Zhen, Doumen Guangdong
Catering Hotel Map
58 $
Zhuhai Yinzuo Jingpin Hotel
No.19 Jingyuan Road, Xiangzhou District
Zhuhai Yinzuo Jingpin Hotel Map
58 $
Kingdo Hotel Zhuhai recommended
1062Yuehai Road East.Gongbei.Zhuhai Guangdong, 519020
Kingdo Hotel Zhuhai Map
60 $
Leisure Hotel recommended
NO.70, Kang Ning Road 519015
Leisure Hotel Map
60 $
Paragon Holiday Hotel
No.123 Gangchang RoadXiawan.XiangzhouDistrict Guangdong, 519020
Paragon Holiday Hotel Map
60 $
Jiayuan Century Hotel recommended
216 Lanpu Road, Xiangzhou District Guangdong, 519070
Jiayuan Century Hotel Map
62 $
Guangdong Hotel Zhuhai
No. 1145 Yuehai Dong Road, Gongbei 519020
Guangdong Hotel Zhuhai Map
65 $
Star City Hotel Zhuhai recommended
88 Jingshan Road, Xiangzhou District Guangdong, 519015
Star City Hotel Zhuhai Map
67 $
Richmond Hotel
Block 9 Richmond Hill 188
Richmond Hotel Map
73 $
Palm Spring Hotel
No.222, Qiaoguang Road Guangdong, 519000
Palm Spring Hotel Map
73 $
Zhuhai Guotai Hotel recommended
No. 37 Qiao Gong Road 519000
Zhuhai Guotai Hotel Map
80 $
Zhuhai Xifa Hotel recommended
No.131 Shuiwan Road, Gongbei, Xiangzhou District
Zhuhai Xifa Hotel Map
81 $
Zhuhai Nanyang Seascape Hotel
108 Gaosha Middle Street, Gongbei, Zhuhai Guangdong Province
Zhuhai Nanyang Seascape Hotel Map
83 $
L Hotel - Changsheng Branch recommended
No.1 Changsheng Road. 519000
L Hotel - Changsheng Branch Map
85 $
Zobon Art Hotel recommended
No.33 Middle Lover's Road 519015
Zobon Art Hotel Map
88 $
Yunhai Hotel Zhuhai recommended
No. 1263 Jiuzhou Road Guangdong, 519015
Yunhai Hotel Zhuhai Map
90 $
Bamboo Hotel recommended
121 Shuiwan Road Guangdong, 519020
Bamboo Hotel Map
91 $
Harbour View Hotel & Resort
No. 47 Middle Lovers Avenue 519015
Harbour View Hotel & Resort Map
91 $
Grand Bay View Hotel
Shuiwan Road, Gongbei District 519020
Grand Bay View Hotel Map
101 $
Zhuhai Charming Holiday Hotel recommended
32 Weiji Road, Gongbei
Zhuhai Charming Holiday Hotel Map
132 $
The Dreamland Resort recommended
Wanshan Island, Wanshan District Guangdong, 519005
The Dreamland Resort Map
392 $
Paradise Hill Hotel Zhuhai
No.193 Jingshan Road Guangdong Province, 519015
Paradise Hill Hotel Zhuhai Map
994 $
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