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Recommended Solo (Surakarta) Hotels

Hotel Griya Surya Solo recommended
#20 Ir.sukarno street, solo baru Central Java, 57552
Hotel Griya Surya Solo Map
8 $
Hotel Keprabon Solo recommended
Jln.KH Ahmad dahlan No. 7 Central Java
Hotel Keprabon Solo Map
13 $
Laksana Inn recommended
Jl Teratai 2 no. 11, Mangkubumen Central Java
Laksana Inn Map
15 $
Nano Hotel @Solo recommended
Jl. A Yani 280 Central Java
Nano Hotel @Solo Map
17 $
Tune Hotel Solo
Jl. Supomo No 49 Central Java, 57125
Tune Hotel Solo Map
17 $
Zaen Hotel Syariah Solo recommended
Jl. Samanhudi No.12 Mangkuyudan Central Java, 57142
Zaen Hotel Syariah Solo Map
17 $
Mandala Wisata Boutique Hotel recommended
Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No.12
Mandala Wisata Boutique Hotel Map
21 $
Sarila Hotel
Jl.Kalilarangan No.103, Serengan 57152
Sarila Hotel Map
21 $
Hotel Brothers Solo Baru recommended
Jl. Ir Soekarno Blok AC 25 Central Java, 57552
Hotel Brothers Solo Baru Map
22 $
Arini Hotel recommended
Jalan Slamet Riyadi No 361 51748
Arini Hotel Map
23 $
Lampion Hotel Solo
Jl. Dr. Rajiman No. 289
Lampion Hotel Solo Map
23 $
Hotel Solo Tiara
Jl. Kebangkitan Nasional No. 11A Teposanan, Sriwedari
Hotel Solo Tiara Map
23 $
Istana Griya 2 Hotel
Jl. Imam Bonjol No 35
Istana Griya 2 Hotel Map
24 $
Loji Hotel
Jl. Hasanudin 134 Punggawan Central Java
Loji Hotel Map
24 $
The Margangsa Hotel
Jl. Kebangkitan Nasional No 9
The Margangsa Hotel Map
24 $
Amarelo Hotel Solo recommended
Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 89-103 Singosaren, (Selamet Riyadi Area) - Surakarta 57151
Amarelo Hotel Solo Map
25 $
Hotel Baron Indah
Jalan Dr. Rajiman 392
Hotel Baron Indah Map
25 $
Pose In Hotel Solo
Monginsidi Street. No.125 Solo 57571
Pose In Hotel Solo Map
26 $
Grand Sae Hotel recommended
Jalan Sam Ratulangi no 18 Solo Central Java
Grand Sae Hotel Map
27 $
Riyadi Palace Hotel
Jalan Brigadir Jendral Slamet Riyadi 335 57142
Riyadi Palace Hotel Map
27 $
Ibis Solo Hotel recommended
Jalan Gajah Mada 23 Jawa Tengah 57131
Ibis Solo Hotel Map
28 $
Grand Orchid Hotel
Jalan Gajah Mada No 29 57131
Grand Orchid Hotel Map
28 $
Rumah Turi Green Boutique Hotel
Jl. Sri Gading II no. 12, Turisari, Mangkubumen, Solo, Central Java 57139
Rumah Turi Green Boutique Hotel Map
29 $
Hotel Indah Palace
JL. Veteran 284 57154
Hotel Indah Palace Map
29 $
Aziza Hotel Solo by Horison
Jl. Kapten Mulyadi 115 Pasar Kliwon (timur Beteng/PGS) Central Java, 57113
Aziza Hotel Solo by Horison Map
29 $
favehotel Solo Baru recommended
Jl. Raya Solo Baru, Laweyan Central Java
favehotel Solo Baru Map
30 $
favehotel Adi Sucipto Solo
Jl.Adi Sucipto No.60 Solo
favehotel Adi Sucipto Solo Map
30 $
Hotel Sanashtri
Jl. Sutowijoyo 45 Central Java
Hotel Sanashtri Map
30 $
Rumah Batu Villa & Spa recommended
Jl. Ovensari Raya No. 8, Baki, Solo Baru 57145
Rumah Batu Villa & Spa Map
31 $
Move Megaland Hotel Solo recommended
Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 351 Solo Central Java, 57161
Move Megaland Hotel Solo Map
32 $
De Solo Boutique Hotel & Resto
Jl. Dr Sutomo No. 8 - 10, Kalitan Solo 57141
De Solo Boutique Hotel & Resto Map
32 $
Syariah Hotel Solo recommended
Jalan Adi Sucipto No.47 Colomadu Central Java, 57174
Syariah Hotel Solo Map
33 $
Villa Aquin recommended
Gatak, Kel. Gajahan, Kec. Colomadu, Karanganyar Central Java
Villa Aquin Map
33 $
Sala View Hotel recommended
Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 450 Solo Central Java, 57142
Sala View Hotel Map
34 $
Griya Tumpeng Solo recommended
Jalan. Dr. Supomo no 53 Turisari
Griya Tumpeng Solo Map
38 $
Solo Paragon Hotel & Residences recommended
Jalan Dr. Sutomo 57125
Solo Paragon Hotel & Residences Map
39 $
The Sunan Hotel Solo recommended
Jl. Ahmad Yani No.40
The Sunan Hotel Solo Map
39 $
Lorin Solo Hotel recommended
Jl. Adi Sucipto 47 57174
Lorin Solo Hotel Map
40 $
The Gambir Anom Hotel Solo
Jl. Raya Embarkasi Haji No. 24, Gagak Sipat, Boyolali 57375
The Gambir Anom Hotel Solo Map
41 $
Novotel Solo Hotel recommended
Jl. Slamet Riyadi 272
Novotel Solo Hotel Map
45 $
Omah Sinten Heritage Hotel recommended
Diponegoro No. 34-35 Ngarsopuro Solo
Omah Sinten Heritage Hotel Map
46 $
Aston Solo Hotel
?Jl. Brigjend. Slamet Riyadi No. 373, Surakarta Central Java, 57147
Aston Solo Hotel Map
47 $
Roemahkoe Heritage Hotel recommended
Jalan Dr Rajiman No. 501
Roemahkoe Heritage Hotel Map
54 $
Sahid Jaya Solo Hotel
Jl. Gajahmada 82
Sahid Jaya Solo Hotel Map
402 $
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These are recommended hotels in Solo (Surakarta), based on reviews.
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