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Recommended Subic (Zambales) Hotels

The Circle Hostel
Sitio Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales
San Narciso
9 $
Harleys Pub & Hotel
9 Baloy Long Beach Rd, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City Zambales, 2200
Subic Bay
26 $
Cindy Kelly Hotel
Fendler St. Cor. St. Columban East Tapinac Olongapo City Olongapo, 2200
Olongapo City
34 $
Paradise Hotel
58 National Highway Barrio Barretto
Subic Bay
34 $
Trader Rics Resort & Restaurant
20 Baloy Long Beach, Barrio Barretto Zambales, 2200
Subic Bay
35 $
Blue Rock Resort & Dive Centre
Baloy long beach, Bo. Baretto, Olongapo city Zambales, 2200
Subic Bay
38 $
Treasure Island Resort
Baloy Beach Road, Baloy Long Beach, Barrio Barretto
Subic Bay
40 $
By the Sea Resort Hotel recommended
#99 National Highway, Barretto, Olongapo City Zambales, 2200
Subic Bay
41 $
Freeport Zone
42 $
Sheavens Beach Resort
Baloy Beach, Barrio Barretto 2200
Subic Bay
45 $
Mangrove Resort Hotel recommended
Baloy Beach road Barrio Barretto, Olongapo City Zambales, 2200
Subic Bay
46 $
Grand Hoyah Hotel recommended
Lot 5B & 6, Manila Ave.(Interior) cor. Canal Road 2222
Freeport Zone
49 $
Subic Park Hotel recommended
Moonbay Marina Waterfront Road 2209
Freeport Zone
50 $
Subic Bay Venezia
Canal Road
Freeport Zone
50 $
Suzuki Beach Hotel Inc
no1 Samar St., Barretto Olongapo city
Subic Bay
51 $
Seorabeol Grand Leisure Hotel
Lot MC-9 Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2200
Freeport Zone
55 $
Subic Grand Seas Resort
83 National Highway, Barrio Barretto 2200
Subic Bay
56 $
Vista Marina Hotel & Resort
Block 3 Lot 2 Moonbay Marina Waterfront Road 2222
Freeport Zone
58 $
Subic Bay Peninsular
Bldg. 489, 490, 491 Canal Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Zambales, 2222
Freeport Zone
59 $
Vasco's Resort
Lot 14, Argonaut Highway
Freeport Zone
60 $
Mansion Garden Hotel recommended
Dewey Avenue corner Bonifacio Street Zambales, 2200
Freeport Zone
64 $
Subic Bay Travelers Hotel recommended
Corner Aguinaldo and Raymundo Street
Freeport Zone
64 $
Poco a Poco Hotel recommended
Dewey Avenue, Central Business District Area 2222
Freeport Zone
67 $
Court Meridian Hotel recommended
Lot B, Waterfront Road Corner Rojas Street, Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone 2222
Freeport Zone
75 $
Subic Vacation House & Gallery recommended
227A, Sangley Loop, West Kalayaan, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Zambales, 2222
Freeport Zone
79 $
Subic Bay Yacht Club
Rizal Highway cor. Burgos Street Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City Zambales, 2222
Freeport Zone
81 $
Buma Subic Hotel & Restaurant recommended
Block 3 Lot 2B Moonbay Marina Area, Waterfront Road Zambales, 2222
Freeport Zone
82 $
Moonbay Marina the Villas recommended
Block 5 Lot 1 Moonbay Marina Ave. Zambales, 2222
Freeport Zone
83 $
Jungle Environment Survival Training Jest Camp Dormitory recommended
Upper Mau, Cubi-Triboa Zambales, 2200
Freeport Zone
85 $
Camayan Beach Resort Hotel recommended
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area 2222
Freeport Zone
85 $
Wild Orchid Beach Resort
Baloy Long Beach, Barrio Barreto
Subic Bay
86 $
Interpark Hotel recommended
Bldg 663 Dewey Avenue corner Sta Rita Road, Subic Bay Zambales, 2200
Freeport Zone
90 $
Sun Plaza Subic Hotel recommended
Freeport Zone
102 $
All Hands Beach Bed & Breakfast
San Bernardino Road. Zambales, 2200
Freeport Zone
119 $
Segara Suites recommended
Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City, Zambales Zambales
Freeport Zone
131 $
The Lighthouse Marina Resort recommended
Moonbay Marina Complex, Water Front Road, Waterfront Road, CBD
Freeport Zone
151 $
Segara Villas
Waterfront Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Zambales, 2222
Freeport Zone
174 $
Vacation Villas at Subic Homes recommended
56-A. Lanzones Street
Freeport Zone
179 $
Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa recommended
Nabasan Beach Ilanin Forest West District 2222
Freeport Zone
255 $
Villa Kalayaan recommended
57B Finback Street, East Kalayaan
Freeport Zone
548 $
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