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Farang T-Shirt
Farang T-Shirt
Farang Front Design
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Why Buy a Farang T-Shirt?  

- Cool T-Shirt
- Farang in Thai Script
- Farang, in the most widely accepted phonetic English
- Design on front and back
- Means "white-skinned foreigner" in Thai (see below for pages debating the origin and context of the term"farang")
Good Quality 100% Cotton
- Good price!

- Fun to wear in Thailand
- Looks great throughout the world!


Farang T-Shirt Colour combinations / sizes available

L  - fits up to 42" Chest (label F)
XL - fits up to 44" Chest (label L)
XXL - fits up to 48" Chest (label XXL)
XXXL - fits up to 52" Chest (label XXXL)

- Click highlighted words for images

1)Black T-Shirt / White Lettering L, XXL
2)White T-Shirt / Black Lettering - XL, XXL
3)Dark Blue T-Shirt / White Lettering - L, XXL
4)Red T-Shirt / White Lettering - XL , XXL front / back
5)Light Blue T-Shirt / Yellow Lettering - L, XXL front / back
6)Army Green T-Shirt / White lettering - Sold out, more soon, reserve yours now.
7)Light Blue T-Shirt / Black Lettering - XXXL

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US $9.99

UK £ 5.95
Euro 8.95

(discount available for bulk orders, please ask)
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Farang T-Shirt
Farang T-Shirt
Farang Front Design
Farang Back Design
Links to pages detailing/ debating the origins and meaning of the word "Farang"
FAQs .org - Farang
.. It is possible that the Thai word "farangset" ("French") is a blend of the word "farang" and the French word "francais", ie., "farangset" is actually derived from "farang", not vice versa. Certainly, the word "farang" existed prior to, and independently of, "farangset"... more ...
Asinah .net- Farang
Farang, sometimes pronounced falang or falong, is the generic Thai word for a white foreigner. Africans or African-Americans will be occasionally referred to as farang dam (black farang). While generally farang is a neutral word, it can be used as an insult depending on its context.
Farang is also (by coincidence) the Thai word for the guava fruit, which of course can lead to "farang eating farang" jokes from Thai people when eating a guava in Thailand. There is also Maan Farang which is potatoes, hence the similar joke "Farang kin (eat) maan farang". And stranger still there is Mhak Farang which is chewing gum. more ...

Floating Lotus .com - Farang
Farang is not derogatory or racist.
... your belief that the word, farang, is derogatory is not widely held, but Uncle E has spoken to another farang who somehow felt the same way as you. So, perhaps we need to discuss this.
First, Uncle E must assure you that not in anyone's wildest dreams could farang be interpreted as an insult. Please don't believe anyone who told you that the word is derogatory; they were flat wrong. Farang is simply the Thai noun that is best translated as "Caucasian," and it is an adjective for things Western. The ugly words you cited are words of hate and oppression, and are obscene. Farang is a neutral term.
more ...
Phillip Williams - Farang
Farang - A dirty word?
Thais have a word called ‘farang’, which literally translated means white-skinned foreigner. Many foreigners take great offence at being addressed as a farang, and it used to get to me for a while. Nowadays, I tend to shrug it off and use it often myself when engaged in conversation with a Thai, often as a derogatory term for a farang that I don't particularly like. After all, what other word can I use to describe a white-skinned foreigner.
more ...
Linguist List .org - Farang
How widespread is "farang"?
The 'ng' in 'farang' is a velar nasal. Interestingly, Thais often perceive French nasal 'a' [a~], as in 'an' "year", as [ang], where 'ng' is a velar nasal. In addition, Thais
typically drop the final 's' as it is not a final sound in Thai. Finally, [r] in clusters is typically dropped. Hence, 'France' may be pronounced as [fOOng]. It was these phonological processes of borrowing in Thai that initially made me curious about the origin of 'farang' in Thai. The belief in Thailand that 'farang' comes from 'franc,ais' is pure folk
more ...

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