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Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong - Chiang Dao

A magical thai festival, on the night of the full moon in November


Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Dao - 2nd November 2009

“Loi Krathong” is traditionally performed on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, which usually falls on some day in November. The floating of a ‘Krathong' – a banana–leaf cup – is intended to float away ill fortune as well as to express apologies to Khongkha or Ganga, the River Goddess. Some believe that the ritual is meant to worship the Buddha's footprint on the bank of the Narmada River, while others say that it is to pay respect to Phra Uppakhut, one of the Lord Buddha's great disciples.


Loy Krathong in Chiang Dao ,80km North of Chiang Mai, is a magical festival, hugely enjoyed by numerous locals, and also the handful of visitors lucky enough to attend at this time. What Chiang Dao festivals lack in fame compared to Sukhothai , Chiang Mai etc. they more than make up for in their authenticity, and their genuine welcome for visitors.

The main night for making / floating Krathongs and releasing the candle powered paper ballons/ lanterns "khom loi", will be on the 2nd November, but the nightly festivities (Thai Boxing, Fireworks, Beauty Contests, Traditional and Modern Dancing, Traditional and Modern Music, and more ...) start a couple of nights beforehand. Great for the young and young at heart!
The Chiang Dao Loy Krathong procession is not to be missed!

Chiang Dao Nest will have an early dinner each night and will be arranging transport to/ from the main area in Chiang Dao town. We will have Krathong making sessions in the afternoon.

On the night of the full moon the whole of Chiang Dao Cave Village is usually lit solely by candles, lining the roads and outside houses. A magical sight.

Chiang Dao Nest Loy Krathong Schedule 2nd November 2009

13.00 pm - 16.00pm

Afternoon Krathong making session (krathongs are floral floats).

 - Please note that the kitchens at Nest 1 and Nest 2 will be closed from 15.00pm onwards today.

16.30pm - 17.00pm

Early Barbecue at Nest 1 - (295 baht per person) fill your stomach with some fine barbecued fare so you have plenty of energy for the festivities ahead!

17.00pm / 17.30pm

Depart Chiang Dao Nest 1 and Chiang Dao Nest 2 in songthaews

18.00pm - ish

Head into town to to watch the parade. (due to logistical problems we will not be having a float in this years parade - hopefully we will be doing something in 2010!)

After the parade has passed walk down to the park.

There will be lots going on at this park, Thai Boxing, singers and dancers, beauty contests, fireworks and much more!

You can also float your krathongs in the river with respect to the River Goddess, also symbolically floating your troubles away.

We will have a meeting point - there will be songthaews ferrying people back to Chiang Dao Nest 1 and 2 at various times in the evening.

Instead of charging you for the transport etc. we are asking that you consider making a donation to go to the Disabled Centre of Chiang Dao. Please ask Wicha how to do this.

Have a great Loy Krathong!

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