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Chiang Dao Nest - Half Day Private Tours
All approximately four hours.

Create your own Full Day Tours.
You can pick and mix from the options below to create your own tailored full day tour.

Tour 2) Elephant Ride + Bamboo Rafting
This tour takes place at the Chiang Dao Elephant Training Centre. (about 25 min drive from Nest 1 and 2) Includes a 60 min elephant ride in the forest around the elephant centre, and a bamboo raft trip down the Ping River (about 60 mins - depends on the flow of the river).
This tour does not include a guide, but the driver and Elephant Training Centre staff will direct you to where you need to go.

Price (Non-Private / Join-in Tours only)
5 - 8 People 1195 baht each
4 People 1245 baht each
3 People 1395 baht each
2 People 1495 baht each
1 Person 2545 baht

Price Includes
Transport, Elephant Ride, Bamboo Raft.
Minimum 2 people.
Price based on two people sharing an elephant.
Price based on four people sharing a bamboo raft.

N.B. Does not include insurance - please make sure you have your own insurance.

H3) Chiang Dao Elephant Training Centre (Center)
Taeng Dao Elephant Training Centre is about 20 mins drive from Chiang Dao Nest. We can arrange your transport so that you get to see an elephant show (they start at 9.00am and 10.00am). The show involves watching elephants bathing and being cleaned by their mahoots in the Ping River, followed by a demonstation of some of the traditional skills used by the elephants for logging purposes. At the end of the show it is possible to have a ride on an elephant, and to go bamboo rafting.

Full Details & Prices to follow.

H7) Whitewater Rafting
2 hour Whitewater Rafting trip on the Mae Taeng River. 60 minutes from Chiang Dao *This is not a private tour. For more details please click here
1800 baht per person (Minimum 2 people) + Transport from Chiang Dao
Price includes

- Insurance Coverage
- Lunch
- High quality safety equipment
- Professional river guide
- International standard route planning

Half Day Activities

HA1) Nature Trail - Chiang Dao Cave
From Chiang Dao Nest turn right at the road you will see a sign on the right side of the road indicating the start of the Nature Trail. This is a path, about 3km in length, through thick forest, which goes up and over a hill ending at Chiang Dao Cave.
The only costs are 20 Baht per person entrance to Chiang Dao Cave, and 100 Baht for a guide in the cave.

HA2) Chiang Dao Nest - Half Day Cycling / Mountain Biking Tour
Chiang Dao Nest can provide you with a rough map for a a half day on/off road tour of the local area.
Chiang Dao Nest rents out Mountain Bike's for 200 Baht per day.
HA4) Thai Massage
We are delighted to be able to offer you an excellent traditional Thai Massage either in your room or in our communal area. Wicha has found some local ladies who's ability comes up to the required standard. Includes Thai Herbal compress For a full massage session 700 Baht (around 2 hours)