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Recommended Guilin Hotels

Green Forest Hostel recommended
No.110-25 South zhongshan Road Guangxi, 541002
Green Forest Hostel Map
6 $
Wada Hostel in Guilin recommended
Huan Cheng Xi Yi Lu Guangxi, 541002
Wada Hostel in Guilin Map
9 $
Guilin 68 Hotel North Train Station Branch recommended
18 Beichen Road, North Train Station, Near North Zhongshan Road, Diecai District Guangxi, 541001
Guilin 68 Hotel North Train Station Branch Map
11 $
Longji Jinkeng Dazhai Hostel recommended
No.1 Viewpoint Nearby, Jinkeng Terraces, Longsheng County Guangxi, 541701
Longji Jinkeng Dazhai Hostel Map
14 $
Longsheng Jindao Inn recommended
Dazhai Village, Peace country Guangxi, 541700
Longsheng Jindao Inn Map
16 $
Dragon's Den Hostel in Rice Terraces recommended
Tian tou zhai, Dazhai Village, LongCheng Guangxi
Dragon's Den Hostel in Rice Terraces Map
16 $
Guilin Riverside Hostel recommended
No.6 Zhumu Lane Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Riverside Hostel Map
18 $
GreenTree Inn GuiLin Railway Station recommended
25 Zhongshan Road 541002
GreenTree Inn GuiLin Railway Station Map
18 $
Guilin Oasis Inn recommended
Wuzhou Mansion, No.6 Central Zhongshan Road Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Oasis Inn Map
19 $
Guilin Perfect Season Hotel Tiexi Branch recommended
No.22 Huancheng West Road Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Perfect Season Hotel Tiexi Branch Map
22 $
Guilin Longsheng Lotus Hotel recommended
No.1 South XingLong Raod, Longsheng Town Guangxi, 541799
Guilin Longsheng Lotus Hotel Map
24 $
Jinjiang Inn Guilin Qixing Road recommended
No. 50 Qixing Road 541002
Jinjiang Inn Guilin Qixing Road Map
24 $
The Star Hotel Guilin recommended
267, Renmin Road?Xicheng District Guangxi, 541199
The Star Hotel Guilin Map
26 $
Guilin Sapphire hotel
No.9 Xicheng Road 541002
Guilin Sapphire hotel Map
26 $
Guilin King Home Hotel recommended
No.53 JingShui Road Guangxi, 541109
Guilin King Home Hotel Map
27 $
Xingbo Express Hotel Guilin Car Station Branch recommended
No.96-1, Zhongshan South Road, Xiangshan District Guangxi, 541000
Xingbo Express Hotel Guilin Car Station Branch Map
29 $
Helen's Home recommended
No.45, Longchuanping Road Guangxi, 541002
Helen's Home Map
31 $
Guilin Silver Terraces Hotel recommended
long sheng xian he ping xiang ping an Cun Guangxi
Guilin Silver Terraces Hotel Map
32 $
Leader Guest House Longji Branch recommended
Dragon Crest Peace Village 541700
Leader Guest House Longji Branch Map
42 $
Guilin Longsheng Huamei International Hotel recommended
North bank of Sangjiang River, Development District Guangxi, 541700
Guilin Longsheng Huamei International Hotel Map
42 $
Vienna Hotel Guilin Airport Road recommended
No.8 Cuizhu Road Guangxi, 541003
Vienna Hotel Guilin Airport Road Map
42 $
Guilin Zheng Yang Inn recommended
No.6-6, Yiren Road, Xiufeng District Guangxi
Guilin Zheng Yang Inn Map
45 $
Longsheng Longji Holiday Hostel recommended
Longj Terrace Scenic Area, Pingan Village, Heping Town, Longsheng County Guangxi, 541000
Longsheng Longji Holiday Hostel Map
47 $
Guilin Jin Pu Hotel recommended
No. 137, East Jiefang Road, Xiufeng District. Guangxi
Guilin Jin Pu Hotel Map
47 $
Eva Inn Hotel recommended
66 Binjiang Road, Xiufeng District 541001
Eva Inn Hotel Map
51 $
Guilin Han Tang Xin Ge Hotel recommended
No. 27 Xishan Road Guangxi, 541001
Guilin Han Tang Xin Ge Hotel Map
58 $
Longji Panorama House Hotel recommended
Jinkenghongyao Terraces, Longji Terraces, Heping Township, Longsheng county Guangxi, 541701
Longji Panorama House Hotel Map
58 $
Longji Star-Wish Resort recommended
PingAn Village, Heping, Longsheng County 541701
Longji Star-Wish Resort Map
65 $
Guilin Merryland Resort recommended
Zhiling Road, Xing'An 541300
Guilin Merryland Resort Map
65 $
Guilin Grand Link Hotel recommended
No. 42 Chuanshan Road Guangxi, 541004
Guilin Grand Link Hotel Map
73 $
Guilin Wisdom Inn recommended
Dazhai Longji Longsheng Guangxi, 541701
Guilin Wisdom Inn Map
75 $
Guilin Bravo Hotel recommended
14 South Ronghu Road 541002
Guilin Bravo Hotel Map
75 $
Guilin Bravo Hotel Grand Wing recommended
14 South Ronghu Road Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Bravo Hotel Grand Wing Map
81 $
Guilin Zizhou Four Season Resort recommended
Inside Zizhou Park, No.7 Chuanshan Road, Qixing District Guangxi, 541004
Guilin Zizhou Four Season Resort Map
90 $
Sheraton Guilin Hotel recommended
No.15, Bin Jiang Road, Guilin 541001
Sheraton Guilin Hotel Map
96 $
Grand Bravo Guilin Hotel recommended
No.2 Zhongyin Road, Xiufeng District Guangxi, 541001
Grand Bravo Guilin Hotel Map
98 $
Guilinyi Royal Palace recommended
117 West Ring Road (city Boanic Gardens) Guangxi, 541002
Guilinyi Royal Palace Map
112 $
Lijiang Waterfall Hotel recommended
1 North Shanhu Road Guangxi
Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Map
112 $
Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin recommended
111 Huan Cheng Bei Er Lu 541004
Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin Map
114 $
The White House Hotel Guilin recommended
Building No.4, No.16 Northern Ronghu Road Guangxi, 541001
The White House Hotel Guilin Map
204 $
Longsheng Li An Lodge recommended
Ping An Village, Hepingxiang Guangxi, 541701
Longsheng Li An Lodge Map
285 $
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