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Comprehensive listing of Hotels in Guilin

Recommended Guilin Hotels

Dragon's Den Hostel in Rice Terraces recommended
Tian tou zhai, Dazhai Village, LongCheng Guangxi
17 $
Guilin Lakeside Inn recommended
NO.1-1-2 Sha lake Building Shan Lake North Road Guangxi, 541001
Guilin City Center
28 $
Jin-Tone Guilin Grand Hotel recommended
Zhongshan North Road on the 1st of Guilin Guangxi, 541001
Diecai District
41 $
Wada Hostel in Guilin recommended
Huan Cheng Xi Yi Lu Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Railway Station
41 $
Guilin JinFeng Hotel recommended
No.56, Shi jiayuan Road, Qixing District, Guilin Guangxi, 541004
Qixing District
59 $
7 Days Inn - Guilin Zheng Yang Walking Street Branch recommended
No.77 Zheng Yang Road, Xiu Feng District Guangxi
Guilin City Center
61 $
Guilin 201314 Inn recommended
No.3, Zhumu Alley Guangxi, 541002
Guilin City Center
61 $
Helen's Home recommended
No.45, Longchuanping Road Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Railway Station
61 $
Jinjiang Inn Guilin Qixing Road recommended
No. 50 Qixing Road 541002
Qixing District
61 $
Guilin Zheng Yang Inn recommended
No.6-6, Yiren Road, Xiufeng District Guangxi
Guilin City Center
62 $
Guilin Baiyue Hotel recommended
No.1, Jinji Road Guangxi, 541010
Qixing District
64 $
Longji Jinkeng Dazhai Hostel recommended
No.1 Viewpoint Nearby, Jinkeng Terraces, Longsheng County Guangxi, 541701
65 $
This Old Place Int'l Youth Hostel recommended
No.2, Yiwu Road 541001
Guilin City Center
66 $
Guilin Perfect Season Hotel Tiexi Branch recommended
No.22 Huancheng West Road Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Railway Station
66 $
Sky Palace Hostel recommended
No 31, Jiefang Dong Rd Guangxi, 541000
Qixing District
67 $
Hanting Hotel Guilin Fubo Mountain Park Branch recommended
No.1 Fo He Xiang Guangxi, 541001
Guilin City Center
69 $
Guilin Riverside Hostel recommended
No.6 Zhumu Lane Guangxi, 541002
Guilin City Center
73 $
Guilin Central Hostel recommended
No.3 Ren Min Road Yunnan
Guilin City Center
76 $
Guilin Bi An Bie Yuan Hotel recommended
Xiufeng District Taohuajiang Road Lujiacun No.2 Guangxi, 541000
Reed Flute Cave
78 $
Longsheng Elegant Wind Inn recommended
Da Zhai Village, Jin Keng Longji Terrace Scenic, Longji, LongSheng Guangxi
Longsheng County
89 $
Guilin Wisdom Inn recommended
Dazhai Longji Longsheng Guangxi, 541701
92 $
Guilin Han Tang Xin Ge Hotel recommended
No. 27 Xishan Road Guangxi, 541001
West Hill
92 $
Longsheng Jindao Inn recommended
Dazhai Village, Peace country Guangxi, 541700
92 $
Leader Guest House Longji Branch recommended
PingAn Village 541700
99 $
Guilin JIngGuanMingLou Museum Hotel recommended
9 South Ronghu Road 541001
Guilin City Center
101 $
Longsheng Karma Inn recommended
No 265, Group2, Tian Tou Zhai, Dazhai Terrace Scenic Spot, Longsheng Guangxi, 541700
110 $
Longsheng Longji Holiday Hostel recommended
Longj Terrace Scenic Area, Pingan Village, Heping Town, Longsheng County Guangxi, 541000
120 $
Longji Star-Wish Resort recommended
PingAn Village, Heping, Longsheng County 541701
121 $
Longji Panorama House Hotel recommended
Jinkenghongyao Terraces, Longji Terraces, Heping Township, Longsheng county Guangxi, 541701
126 $
Guilinyi Royal Palace recommended
NO.117 West Ring Road (in Guilin Botanical Garden) Guangxi, 541002
Guilin Railway Station
130 $
Lijiang Waterfall Hotel recommended
1 North Shanhu Road 541001
Guilin City Center
144 $
Guilin Golden Oriole Hotel recommended
No. 8 Binjiang Road, Xiangshan distrist Guangxi, 541002
Guilin City Center
149 $
Elephant Trunk Hill Hotel recommended
No.52 Min Zhu Road, Xiang Shan District, Guilin. Guilin Xiangshan park near the entrance plaza Guangxi, 541001
Guilin Railway Station
154 $
Sheraton Guilin Hotel recommended
No.15, Bin Jiang Road, Guilin 541001
Guilin City Center
157 $
Guilin Bravo Hotel Grand Wing recommended
14 South Ronghu Road Guangxi, 541002
Guilin City Center
161 $
Grand Bravo Guilin Hotel recommended
No.2 Zhongyin Road, Xiufeng District Guangxi, 541001
West Hill
172 $
Shangri-La Hotel, Guilin recommended
111 Huan Cheng Bei Er Lu 541004
Qixing District
206 $
Yunzhihui Longsheng Hot Spring Boutique Hotel recommended
Near the source of ailing hot spring, Jiangdi township, Longsheng county, Guilin city, Guangxi, China Guangxi, 541709
Longsheng County
211 $
The White House Hotel Guilin recommended
Building No.4, No.16 Northern Ronghu Road Guangxi, 541001
Guilin City Center
277 $
Guilin Longji One Art Hotel recommended
Pingan village, Longji town, Longsheng county, Guangxi Guangxi, 514701
292 $
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