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Matadee Ashram Rishi Mae Yogi

Guru Nirantra ("forever divine"), the resident Guru at Matadee Ashram Rishi Mae Yogi, comes from South Thailand. He had a newspaper article written about his powers when he was just 18.

He walked the length and breadth of Thailand before settling in Chiang Dao, attracted by it's spiritual energy. He has been in Chiang Dao for 11 years, with Mata, his "mother", who also has attained an advanced level of spirituality.

He spent time in India with his Guru, Shri Swami Loeshanand, at an Ashram in Haridwar (which is located at the foothills of the Himalayas). His Guru came to Chiang Dao to perform the ceremony to make him a Yogi. Guru Nirantra also studied under the revered Buddhist monk Looang Boo Sim for two years.

Guru Nirantra spent three years meditating, with no contact with anyone except Mata. Now he sees himself as a conduit of spiritual power, with a strong belief in the power of Mother Nature.

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