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Thailand Birding Information

the most comprehensive site on the internet for birdwatching in Thailand. more ...
".. the country’s avifauna comprises Sino-Himalayan, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Chinese and Sundaic elements and there are a large number of migrant visitors from the Palaearctic Region. ... 10% of the world species are present in Thailand."
birdtours.co.uk - "Serving the needs of travelling birders worldwide."
"..new reports are added each month.
There are now about 500 reports from more than 100 countries. We haven't counted, but we think that over 8500 bird species are documented." more...

Owl Pages - Asian Owls (Info, photos, sounds)
Barn Owls ; Andaman Masked Owls; Grass Owls;Masked Owls; Sooty Owls; Asian Bay Owls; Common Scops Owls; Ryukyu Scops Owls; Sunda Scops Owls; Collared Scops Owls; Philippine Scops Owls; more...

Worldtwitch - Finding rare birds around the world
WorldTwitch Thailand - Latest Thailand Bird Reports, Thailand Birding Tours, Parks & Travel Information.
CAMacDonald.com - Birding Thailand
Birding Factoids - 923 species in 72 families, 2 endemic species 49 endangered species including both endemics, 41 speciality species, 4 week trip expectation - about 420 species. more ...
Surfbirds - for World Birding News
Newsgroup Archives, Message Boards, Personalized Weather, Birding Events Calendar, Find A Local Birder, Free Expert Advice,, Free Classified Ads, Free Surfbirds Weekly Newsletter   more ...

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