Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center

Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center
Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center - Chiang Dao - Chiang Mai - Thailand
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About the Elephant Training Center

The Elephant Training Center is located at Ta Yaak Village, Chiang Dao District, about 56kms (35 miles) north of Chiang Mai City, on the road to Fang and Tha Ton. It is on the banks of the Mae Ping River (where the elphants bathe before and after their lessons) , and is surrounded by rocky hills. It has a quite beautiful, near idyllic location.

The place has been constructed using mostly natural materials which blend well with it's natural setting.

The elephant shows themselves are refreshingly un-circus like. The empahsis is placed on the skills that elephants have traditionally been taught to aid with the logging of trees. (thankfully large scale illegal logging is no longer an issue in Thailand, although neighbouring countries still suffer). The strength of the elephant / mahoot relationship is also highlighted.

Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center also has a small "Lisu Market" where colourful and intricate handicrafts made by the Lisu hilltribe (apparently "mountain people" is more politically correct than "hilltribe" these days! ) villagers, are available to buy.

If you take an elephant ride, the route passes through some beautiful forest and along / through the river.

The bamboo rafting which is also available here is along a very picturesque stretch of the Ping River (which runs through Chiang Mai, too.)

Recommended One Day Tour from Chiang Mai
(includes a morning at the Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center)
ERC1) Elephant Ride + Elephant Show + Bamboo Rafting + Chiang Dao Cave + Lunch at Chiang Dao Nest 2 + 
Chiang Mai Tours - Chiang Dao Nest Tours
This is our most popular day by far.
Ride an Elephant for 1 1/2 hours through the forest to a Lisu village, watch an Elephant Show, float gently down river for an hour aboard a Bamboo Raft, fantastic Thai lunch at Chiang Dao Nest 2, explore Chiang Dao Cave with a guide more & booking ...
Purpose of the Training Center
1) To teach young elephants the necerssary forest working skills.
2) To educate the young elephants in both work and discipline.
3) To eventually separate the young elephantsfrom their mothers, so that the mothers can work without the hindrance of children.
4) To shield the young elephants from dangers such as snake bites.
5) To enable all young elephants to be under the good care of the veterinarian.
Training Schedule

Daily training lasts from 9am to 11am.
There are two shows, one starts at 9am one at 10am.

The Training Schedule is as follows ...
1. Bathing in the Ping River (watching these fantastic beasts bathing and being washed by their mahoots is a highly memorable experience)
2. Assembling on the training ground.
3. Walking in single file. Walking in pairs. Walking in procession.
4. Helping the mahoot mounting and dismounting.
5. Crouching down on "all fours".
6. Lowering the front legs and head.
7. Picking up small things.
8. Log-dragging single. Log-dragging double. Log-dragging side.
9. Carrying logs by tusk and trunk. 
10. Pushing logs by tusk and trunk.
11. Piling up of logs.

For details of our Chiang Mai Tour to the Chiang Dao Elephant Training Center, please click here

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