Places To Visit In Bangkok: The Grand Palace
About The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a must-see and represents one of the most pre-eminent temple complexes in Thailand along with the adjacent Temple Of the Emerald Buddha. It also acts as a museum of Thailand’s monarchy, displaying cross-sections of Thai history and firmly grounded in traditional Thai art and Buddhist religion.

Among the sites at the Grand Palace are the famous statues of Giants (Yak) which guard it from intruders, the Holy Emerald Buddha which has become a national symbol throughout Thailand, and the beautiful Chakri Mahaprasad Hall built in an ornate, Italian Renaissance style. The latter still houses the ornate former Thai throne, and it remains a very large, impressive example of Renaissance architecture.

The Grand Palace houses a public museum that contains a fascinating collection of artifacts and scale models important to Thai history. Entrance into this part of the Grand Palace costs an additional 50 Baht which equates to approximately $1.50 USD. The unique statues found on the palace grounds such as the Kinaree (mythological half-bird half-woman) and the large friezes depicting Buddhist and Hindu legend provide great photo opportunities for tourists. You are likely to see saffron-robed monks wandering the complex as they live in and maintain the Emerald Buddha and its temple.

The Palace and Temple are perhaps one of the main tourist attractions in all of Bangkok so prepare for large crowds. However, a trip to the Grand Palace is an absolute must if
you are truly interested in experiencing a piece of Thailand and Thai culture.

Brief History Of The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Thailand from the 18th Century until now. However, the present King of Thailand, Rama IX, lives elsewhere allowing the Grand Palace to be opened for tourists. It was designed under Rama V who sought a European architect to reproduce the style of Europe’s grandest buildings.
Tips for visitors to The Grand Palace

Entry into this Palace costs 200 Baht or approximately $6 USD. This fee includes entry into the adjoining Temple Of the Emerald Buddha.

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