Places To Visit In Bangkok: Patpong

About Patpong

If you have an adventurous side and have ever visited Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District or another similar area, you will definitely enjoy Patpong.  During the day and late into the night, you will find a flea market where you can buy just about anything, most notably genuine designer clothing.  Unfortunately, the market caters specifically to tourists so the prices are very high.  Locals recommend the MBK centre opposite the Siam SkyTrain stop if you want to purchase designer clothing at a reasonable price.

When the sun goes down, however, Patpong really comes alive.  As the birthplace of the original “go-go dancers,” there are plenty of bars, strip and adult clubs in just about every building.  Here you can find all manner of entertainment, ranging from an innocent light show to more serious activities.  There are many strip clubs and go-go bars, as well as many gay bars.  Most of the gay venues in Patpong are more traditional gay pubs than show clubs.

Although sex shows and prostitution are technically illegal in Bangkok, you can find just about any form of entertainment in Patpong.  This is because most of the area is private property owned by one family, and the government tends to let whatever happens in Patpong stay in Patpong.
Brief History Of Patpong

Patpong was originally a vacant strip of land on the city outskirts purchased by the Patpongpanich family in 1946.  They began to develop two streets which are still owned by the family, not by the city.  Eventually nightclubs began to appear, and for a while, Patpong was the centre of the adult entertainment industry in Bangkok.  These days, most locals visit other red light districts for fun. However, the area remains very tourist-oriented and is definitely worth a visit.
Tips for visitors to Patpong

Patpong consists entirely of two parallel streets between the larger Silom and Surawong Roads, and another street coming off Surawong.  You can walk to it quickly from the Sala Daeng SkyTrain station.  The market is open all day and most of the night.  Tourists are warned not to look interested in an item unless they plan to buy it, or the vendors will follow you until you do!  Patpong can be a lot of fun, but like most good amusement park rides, you enter at your own risk.

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