Places To See In Bangkok: Wat Saket
About Wat Saket
Wat Saket is more commonly known as the Golden Mount. This very large, entirely golden “Chedi” or domed reliquary stands on top of a tall hill in the old royal sectors of Bangkok. It is easy to see why this attraction remains popular with tourists and Thais alike; individuals who travel to the top are rewarded with stunning views of Bangkok and many of its most famous sights such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Democracy Monument.

300, shallow steps spiral around the outside of the Chedi to the top where the most inspiring vistas are to be found. A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without experiencing the view from Wat Saket. In fact, the view is comparable to the one available from the Statue of Liberty in New York or the London Eye.
Brief History Of Wat Saket

The temple dates from 1800 in the Ayutthaya Era and has been renovated and updated several times. Presently, it stands on a large artificial hill made from discarded brick and mud. While Rama III had been attempting to construct a large Chedi atop it, the temple collapsed, leaving the entire hill in need of reconstruction.

King Rama V later augmented the structure and added to its honour by making it the home of a relic from India. During the early part of the 20th century, concrete walls were added around the sides. These walls prevented the makeshift artificial hill from collapsing under the weight of the hefty gold Chedi.
Tips for visitors to Wat Saket

Entrance to the temple itself is free. However, upon climbing the staircase, visitors will need to pay ten Baht or approximately 30 US cents to gain entry to the room at the top. In order to avoid tourist overcrowding and to take advantage of the beautiful sunrise views, we recommend making the climb in the morning.

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