Places To See In Bangkok: Wat Ratchapradit
About Wat Ratchapradit

This is one of Bangkok’s quieter and relatively smaller temples with fewer tourists and a more peaceful atmosphere than some of the larger attractions such as Wat Po. Magnificent carvings of Buddhist iconography such as the Wheel of Law adorn monumental stone pillars, and this temple seems to exude an atmosphere of quiet awe.

The brilliant white exterior rises into a carefully elaborate tower. The layout is simple and direct. Shortly after entering the gates, you find yourself within the Ubosot or the hall of important ceremonies. The hall is decorated throughout in white and grey marble including tall, sacred columns.

The reflective white used in the decoration makes this temple cool when compared to the typical sweltering Thai heat. The change of pace at this temple is perhaps its most noticeable quality in comparison with the other Thai temples. The ceilings, doors and windows carry traditional green and red themes common among Buddhist temples.  The main focus is the principal Buddha image which is seated on an alter in the Wiharn.
Brief History Of Wat Ratchapradit

This temple was built in 1864 and was the first one belonging to the reforming Dhammayutika sect. Originally, this sect had some radical ideas. However, nowadays the main discernable difference between them and other sects is the fact that they wear brown robes in lieu of the traditional orange.

The site of the temple was originally a coffee plantation. However, thanks to funding from King Rama IV, the temple was inaugurated with a view to providing yet another temple to serve as an arena for royal ceremonies.
Tips for visitors to Wat Ratchapradit

Traveling to Wat Ratchapradit by boat will allow you to avoid the notorious Bangkok traffic. You will have to take a boat that stops at the Tha Thien Pier. Then you just need to take a short walk through the market to arrive at the Wat Ratchapradit temple. Entry is free to all visitors.

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