Places To Visit In Bangkok: Amporn Garden

About Amporn Garden

The Amporn Garden area is an area often overlooked by tourists, although it is the home to a handful of very interesting tourist sites. This area is one of the most regal sectors of Bangkok and represents the influence of grand European stately architecture on Bangkok’s scenery.

Anantasamakom Hall, for instance, is constructed in the European Renaissance style and was built by Rama V as a place to house his throne. The hall is a very officious looking structure built with Italian white marble and was formerly used as the Thai Houses of Parliament.

The Marble Temple or Wat Benjamarachabopit is also located nearby and is admired for its architectural beauty. This is another of Thailand’s six Royal Temples of the First Order and is widely respected. The temple holds the remains of the famous Thai King, Rama V.

Vimarnmek Hall is another of the valuable nearby attractions. The former summer palace of King Rama V it is now a beautiful estate that has been turned into a museum. It is the the world’s largest building to be made from golden teak. The museum displays artifacts from Thailand’s past such as royal carriages, portraits clocks and ancient cloth as well as more modern exhibits such as modern Thai photography and impressive rural handcrafts.

Brief History Of Amporn Garden

Amporn Garden was mainly constructed within the reign of King Rama V. The Marble Temple was built in 1899 at the request of King (Chulalongkorn) Rama V. He desired a temple close to the palace that he had previously built. In the ubosot, lies a statue of the Buddha. The remains of this King known to Thais as “The Great Beloved King” are buried beneath this beautiful statue.

Anantasamakom Hall is a monumentally important building in Thai life. The building represents the bond between monarchy and parliament that was fixed in 1932 during the signing of the first Thai Constitution.

Tips for visitors to Amporn Garden

To get to Amporn Garden, you will need to take either Bus 70 or 72. However, a tuk-tuk or amateur bicycle carriage can take you there just as easily. Admission to Anantasamakom Hall and The Marble Temple are both free.

At Vimarnmek Hall, a traditional Thai dance is performed daily at 10:00 am. The interior along with the museum can only be viewed by an English Speaking tour from 14:00 onwards at a price of 50 Baht or approximately $1.50 USD. Reasonably formal attire must be worn to tour this palace and museum. All visitors must wear long pants and long sleeve shirts.

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