Places To Visit In Bangkok: China Town
About Bangkok’s China Town

Bangkok’s China Town offers one of the most authentic slices of Thai life available to tourists. The Chinese who live here have resided here for many generations and consider themselves to be Thai. However, the vestiges of Chinese culture still shine through in the fashions and type of shops available.

One of the more interesting parts is Yaowarat Road containing a huge concentration of gold shops. Most of these dazzling, brightly coloured shops sell genuine gold at reduced prices. Plenty of restaurants in this street sell traditional Chinese cuisine with authentic dishes such as Shark Fin soup that you would be unlikely to encounter in your local restaurants.

Sampeng Lane holds a fairly authentic cloth market that is aimed at locals, but also available to the few tourists who wander far enough off the beaten track to find this part of town. The ominous sounding “Thieves Market” also resides here, although nowadays it is more legitimate than in the olden days. This market offers a good source of genuine Thai and Chinese antiques which could prove profitable if you resell them in Europe or America.

The temple Wat Traimit, or Temple Of The Golden Buddha, is well frequented by tourists. In fact, this is perhaps the area’s most prominent attraction. However, it will not provide much in the way of a unique experience for tourists who have visited other temples.
Brief History Of Bangkok’s China Town

This is one of the oldest areas of the town, effectively created in the 1780s when Bangkok was becoming the capital of Thailand. Chinese merchants were all relocated to this one area which has grown into a unique and distinct town within the city. Although it is not the most common tourist destination in Bangkok, it is certainly more genuine. This area will be of particular interest to tourists who enjoy visiting attractions that are a little different from what packaged tour operators typically provide.
Tips for vistors to Bangkok’s China Town

Wat Traimit is open from 9:00 am to 5 pm every day with free admission. The markets in China Town generally remain open until late evening. Buses 1, 7, 8, 37, 49 and 75 will take you to China Town with some stops on Worachak Road near the Thieves Market.  Of course, it is always quicker to take a boat in order to avoid the Bangkok traffic. Fortunately,  the Tha Ratchawong port is located nearby.

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