Places To Visit In Bangkok: Chitlada Palace
About Chitlada Palace

Chitlada Palace, the current residence of the King of Thailand, King Rama IX, is not open to the public in order to protect the King’s security and privacy. However, the outside walls are regarded as some of the most beautiful examples of Thai architecture in all of Bangkok. In addition, the King’s collection of White Elephants is sometimes visible from the outside.

If you happen to be in Bangkok on the 5th of December, make sure to stop and visit the beautiful Chitlada Palace. Every year on this date which is the King’s birthday, the walls are lit up in a splendid Christmas display. The elaborate professional arrangements form what is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bangkok during the evening.
Brief History Of Chitlada Palace

Chitlada Palace is another grand monument to Thai royalty built under the reign of King Rama V.  Like many of the constructions that King Rama commissioned, this building was constructed using the heavy influences of the European style of buildings that Rama encountered on his travels to other countries. Chitlada Palace has formed the residence of the current King Rama IX after his brother died under suspicious circumstances in the Grand Palace.

To this day, Rama IX continues some of the traditions of the Thai monarchs before him. For example, agricultural experiments are often conducted in the beautiful gardens of this huge palace.
Tips for visitors to Chitlada Palace

To see this palace, it is probably easiest to take the Sky Train to the Victory Monument station where you can then hail a taxi. It is located in the Dusit district which is conveniently only a short taxi ride away. If you ever pass through this particular area, make sure to include a visit to this worthwhile attraction. 

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