Places To Visit In Bangkok: City Pillar
About The City Pillar

The City Pillar is a very small wooden stake that is driven into the ground in the centre of the city and represents the spiritual centre of Bangkok. From a foreigner’s perspective, the appearance of the simple gilded wooden pillar in a small shrine may not be very awe inspiring. However, if you are looking for a sense of what the true people of Bangkok believe or find important, you are certain to find it here.

Every city in Thailand contains a city pillar, so the one in Bangkok doubles as the City Pillar of the nation. Moreover, the City Pillar is believed to house the Guardian Spirits which protect the city. At any given time of any day, you will find a small group of Thai people who pray for protection or childless couples who beseech the spirits for children. Many people offer a pig’s head or incense to ensure they will their desired blessing will be granted.

The pillar is housed in a small, but ornate and beautiful shrine. Although it will not take long to visit or pay your respects, it is considered an essential component of Bangkok. The shrine is surrounded by symbolic guns protecting both the holy temple and the pillar.
Occasionally, classical Thai Dance displays are held around the City Pillar. It is conveniently located close to the Temple Of The Emerald Buddha. You may want to consider a trip to the main attraction if you are going to be visiting this part of town.
Brief History Of The City Pillar

The stake was driven into the ground on April 21st, 1782 at exactly at 6:45 am which was dictated by the King’s court astronomers to be the most auspicious time. Today, the City Pillar represents the heart of the city and represents the founding of a community.
Tips for visitors to The City Pillar

Since this is such a small attraction, we recommend that you take a side trip to the City Pillar while visiting the Temple Of The Emerald Buddha. There is no entrance fee and any taxi or tuk-tuk should be able to take you there for a reasonable price.

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