Places To Visit In Bangkok: Dusit Zoo
About Dusit Zoo

Dusit Zoo is perhaps the highest quality zoo in all of South East Asia offering an incredible variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. The 47.2 acres of animals in shady, natural habitats make the area stand out from the rest of Bangkok because of the large number of leafy shady trees.

Not only is Dusit Zoo a welcome break from the traffic-noise and smog of the rest of Bangkok, but it is also packed with family-oriented activities. The area contains a huge lake where you will usually find Thais and tourists alike enjoying themselves on pedalos. Children ca also enjoy the play areas and fun activities such as go-kart racing.

Thais also visit Dusit Zoo for its food which is considered the best and cheapest in the entire city. The Zoo contains numerous little snack bars and cafés that serve Thai and Western foods to go.

More than just a zoo, Dusit Zoo doubles as a municipal park with vast areas of grass for picnicking and resting with friends. Dusit Zoo definitely fulfils the commonly used phrase “fun for all the family.” Whether you’re looking for a fun day out or just want to visit a quiet outdoor attraction in Bangkok, Dusit Zoo is highly recommended.
Brief History Of Dusit Zoo

Originally the site of the modern Dusit Zoo was King Rama V’s private botanical garden. However, the prime minister was granted permission to use the land as a public, and the zoo was officially established in 1938.  The zoo was turned over from the Bangkok Municipality to the Zoological Park Organization in 1954.  Since then, the zoo has experienced much growth and continues to improve its facilities for the benefit of the Thai people as well as the frequent tourists.
Tips for visitors to Dusit Zoo

Buses that pass the entrance to Dusit Zoo include Number 18 or 28, and the only air conditioned bus to the area is Bus 10. The zoo is open from 8:00 am to 6 pm and entry costs 20 Baht or approximately 60 cents USD.

One Response to “Dusit Zoo”

  1. on 21 May 2008 at 3:58 pmBrian Richardson

    Been here each time we visited bangkok this is a superb day out. Just stoll around at your leisure lots to see and do also the food retailers on site serve perfectly cooked food.
    excelent day out at very low cost the 28 bus takes you to the gates from the BTS station at national monument only 10 baht.

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